Foot Care for Diabetes

 1)      Never walk bare foot, wash the feet daily with soap & water.

2)    Dry the feet gently with soft towel specially between the toes.

Especially after bath.

3)      If skin is dry in foot , apply mild lubricant like coconut oil

(avoid coconut oil in very cold climate)

Cold cream, vaselin daily before retiring to bed.

4)      Patients with diabetic retinopahty (cannot see ) , family memebrs / friends

Must check daily for cuts, boils, blisters, callousities etc.

or do self check if you can see.

5)       If feet are cold at night, wear light coloured socks with loose upper elastic .

( no hot water bottle / heat pads/ soaking in hot water )

6)       Use cotton socks only / diabetic socks light color, so that if any blood

Etc. can be seen easily.  Tight elastic socks will hamper circulation

     In the legs.


7)        Use leather shoes only, New shoes to be bought only after 7 pm when leg is

      Fully expanded.

8)        Do not cut corns or calliuses at home. Cut nails across.

   Do not use Adhesive tapes or chemical agents on feet.

9)        Wear shoes with a wide toe box. If foot needs and insole then extra depth

Is needed. Then customized footwear is to be made.

Never wear chappals with tongs. ( i.e. partition for thumb toe and other toes )

Ideally even chappals must cover the toes. ( No tongs)

10 ) Wear Diabetic footwear , to prevent side effects of Diabetic neuropathy.