• Analgesics: Aspirin: Salix species Morphine, Codeine;Papaver somniferum
  • Cardiotonic: Digitalin: Digitalis purpurea
  • Malaria: Quinine: Cinchona spp Artemsinin: Artemisia annua
  • Antihypertensive: Reserpine: Rauwolfia serpentina
  • Memory enhancement: Physostigmine: Physostigma venenosum
  • Muscle relaxant: Tubocurarine:Chondrodendron spp

• Vinblastine/Vincristine: Catharanthus roseus

  • Etoposide: Podophyllum species
  • Paclitaxel/Docetaxel: Taxus species
  • Topotecan/Irinotecan: Camptotheca acuminata
  • Homoharringtonine: Cephalotaxus harringtonia
  • Flavopiridol: Synthetic based on rohutikine
    Dysoxylum binectariferum
  • Combretastatins: Combretum caffrum

And many more.

We can’t eat the plant as a whole or even eat the plant as some are toxic in order to get the effect of these drugs.

Three main process involved in making of drugs are
1. Extraction
2. Isolation
3. Characterization

Of the bioactive compounds in the plant. And this isn’t a easy process. Below in the comment section is a link where you can find the details.

Each extract is studied under the following headings

  • drug composition and properties,
    •synthesis and drug design,
    •molecular and cellular mechanisms,
    •organ/systems mechanisms,
    •signal transduction/cellular communication, •molecular diagnostics,
    •chemical biology therapy
    • antipathogenic capabilities.

Every drug has to be reviewed with its

* Pharmacodynamic (effect of drug on body)

*Pharmacokinetics (effect on drug by our body)

Each and every drug must be delivered at the right dose / concentration/ ratio etc etc

And this can’t be achieved by preparing nilavembu kashayam or papaya leaf extract at home.

Home preparation doesn’t provide you the active compound in this right way.




This is human breast for you.

We are mammals because we have mammary gland.

Of the two genders , the gender that gives birth develops mammary gland for feeding the offspring with milk.

It is an anatomical modification with a purpose to serve.

Covering of breasts is deeply to rooted to religion and caste issues.

There are various aspects to talk about in this issue.

Breast is just a modified SWEAT GLAND.
The shape and size varies depends upon the fat content.
Why is there even a need to gawk at sweat glands?

If a girl is comfortable with any dress that she is wearing, please let her be.

Stop gawking at her breast or clevage and make her uncomfortable.

No one gawks at men’s penises or mock at their sizes.

The difference between animal and human beings is the ability of human being to control the emotions which also includes lust.

If we stop giving breast this much or erotic importance, no women will withdraw from breast feeding her child for cosmetic purposes.

And every women will proudly breastfeed her child even in public.