Tomb Raiders

Tomb Raiders

I have seen them
ferret around
disinterring the memories
entombed in sepulchers
in breathless reverence…

They trowel up
the dust of cadences,
remnants of verbal artistry,
monuments of lofty thoughts
left by the dead souls

I have found them
ranging large…
digging up the nugget
relics of biodata;
disrobing the scandal
mummies entombed
in secrecy, furtively
whispered by
salacious caretakers

They disembowel
the viscera
of legends and tales;
their prying mattocks
of curiosity prise loose
gems of sly gossip
and the skeletal remains
of slander history hidden
within the stucco walls
girding the myth
of the personage

With their hand-brushes
of awe and veneration
they clean the interred
artifacts spruce and sleek,
secreting the souvenirs
into the knapsacks of their souls
in ecstasy of discovery.

Through devout exorcism
they spirit away the spectres
residing in dusty urns
lifting the stoppers of oblivion;
through customary séances
around tables of recall,
they release the wraiths
of the forgotten dead.

The tomb raiders range around
in all corners of the world
abbeys and churches
cemeteries and corners
graveyards and ghats
crypts and vaults
witness their silent exhumation,
their ardent necrophilia
as they dig up again and again
those in eternal rest.