Top 10 sex myths

Sex; it’s one of the most thought about subjects, but how much do we really know? Our knowledge of sex is often confused by rumours, misconceptions and outright lies. So, dust off your magnifying glass, pull out your probes and apply your long, investigative, latex gloves – it’s myth busting time:

A woman can’t get pregnant when it’s her first time

The notion that a woman cannot get pregnant the first time she has sex is still a commonly held belief. In Turkey 25 per cent of young people thought this was true. However, the truth of the matter is that without reliable contraception, pregnancy is possible, whether it is the woman’s first time or her fiftieth time.

I can’t darling, I’ve got a headache

Have you ever used the old headache excuse, or been denied some loving action because of one? Well, we have a cure for her sore head because sex has medicinal properties. When women have sex, endormorphins are released into her body, which in turn relieves pain. Therefore getting under the covers should help ease a woman’s headache.

Men always want it

Although many men in their late teens and early twenties want a lot of it, men do not always want to have sex. Lots of things affect people’s sex drives; stress being one of the biggest culprits. If you don’t feel like it, there’s nothing wrong with you. On average Briton’s have sex six to seven times per month, whilst American’s on average have sex twice a week.

If you masturbate you run out of semen

This is not true. The amount of semen a man ejaculates varies, being between half a teaspoon and a whole teaspoon of fluid. This equates to 40-500 million sperm.  Men who ejaculate a lot in one day may notice that the volume of semen decreases, but there is no risk of you running out of semen, you will simply produce more.

Older people don’t do it

Talking about old people getting frisky can embarrass some people; but let’s face it everyone likes sex, even the granddads and grandmas. Many people think that after the menopause women lose interest in sex, but this is not always true. Many older people enjoy an active sex life beyond the menopause and it has lots of health benefits too.

It’s good to lose your virginity when you are young

Although people are having sex younger, many regret it. The average age to lose your virginity is 16 in the UK. It was 21 in the 1950s. Sixty-three percent of sexually active adolescents wished they had waited longer and eighty-nine percent of those surveyed would advise their own brother, sister or friend not to have sex until at least after finishing secondary school.

Thin condoms break

If a condom is your preferred method of contraception, which type do you choose? There are a lot of condoms on the market: ribbed ones, sleek fitting ones, the thin, the thick and the pina colada flavored. Whichever you use, you don’t have to worry about the thickness because Durex reassures us that the thickness of the condom doesn’t necessarily correspond to safety.

We’re all porn stars

Watching two of Hollywood’s finest stars perform a hot love scene is great for getting you in the mood, but it should not be used as a sex guide. Real people do not come every time and last for three hours. Studies show that 75 per cent of men orgasm two to three minutes after penetration and an estimated 30 per cent of women can only achieve orgasm through masturbation.

Men cheat more than women

When you hear that a couple have split up because of an affair it is easy to assume it was the man’s fault, but recent studies suggest that women are much better at keeping their affairs secret. According to Dr David Holmes between eight and 15 per cent of children haven’t been fathered by the man who thinks he’s the biological parent.

Women don’t ejaculate

Not all women ejaculate, but some do. If you have seen women ejaculate during pornography this is not an accurate depiction. In reality, women ejaculate a small amount of fluid, which is a mixture of urine and a liquid from the G-spot (the female equivalent to a prostate). However, most women do not experience ejaculation, so if you don’t, there’s no need to worry.