Please pay attention……It is emergency

Please pay attention……It is emergency
Ebola now in India first case in Chennai
Use hot water and salt to take your bath in the morning, do
the same when you want to drink water(hot and salt) . …
It is said to be a traditional vaccine for Ebola.
Please don’t keep this information to yourself send to all
your contacts including your enemies .
God bless you as you share this…
Precautions :
The following precautions can help prevent infection and
spread of Ebola and Marburg.
Avoid areas of known outbreaks. …
Wash your hands frequently. …
Avoid bush meat. …
Avoid contact with infected people. …
Follow infection-control procedures. …
Don’t handle remains.
How Is Ebola Diagnosed?
Sometimes it’s hard to tell if a person has Ebola from the
symptoms alone. Doctors may test to rule out other
diseases like cholera or malaria.
Tests of blood and tissues also can diagnose Ebola.
If you have Ebola, you’ll be isolated from the public
immediately to prevent the spread.
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information to your near and dear to whom u care………..