How to Make Life easy Post Menopause


Menopause is often referred to as an inherent system present within every woman that tells her about the decreasing quotient of her sexual and reproductive health. For most women, the first symptoms of menopause emerge around the age of 40-45 years and it takes about three years for menopause to set in, i.e. after the age of 50.

Menopause is marked by significant changes in the overall health of a lady, including her sexual drive, psychological well-being and physical stamina. For most women, this is a period of distress as their body indicates symptoms that are largely suggestive of reducing virility. However, the niche of female sexual health has undergone a revolution in recent times and women should no longer relegate to some of the unpleasing changes menopause induces—the most prominent being the negative impact it has on their sexual life. Here, we will discuss some easy ways of managing sex life post-menopause in a better way.

Celebrate Benefits of Menopause

Women should realize that menopause has its benefits too. For starters, menopause ensures that chances of unplanned pregnancy even with unprotected sex are negligible. Onset of menopause causes some distressing changes in the menstrual cycle but eventually the menses become scant and the intensity of periods is very manageable, with many menopausal women reporting almost no periods.

Gymming with Vengeance Helps

Menopause initiates a gradual process of the skin becoming more lax and various tissues losing their inherent suppleness. To ensure your frame remains as attractive as before, indulge in regular exercising, including light weight-training. This also helps to stimulate the hormones whose levels constantly dip with progression of menopause. Seek exercises that help to keep your pelvic and lower back muscles stronger, ensuring you continue to be a tigress in the bedroom.

Handling Menopause in Contemporary Times: HRT is Here to Help

A few decades back, Menopause was largely misunderstood with very little done in the healthcare segment to help such women. However, today women can reduce the intensity of menopausal symptoms with easily-available prescription pills and herbal medicines. The diminishing level of sexual and reproductive hormones can be maintained around an average threshold by using natural supplements or hormone replacement therapies (HRT).

Defeat Vaginal Dryness

One of the biggest menopause-induced sexual deterrents is vaginal dryness that makes sex very discomforting. However, women can choose from a large number of moisturizing and lubricating aids to solve this issue.

Check if you are Making Yourself Menopausal!

This might sound shocking to you, but many modern-day medicines are hidden culprits behind fastening your progress towards menopause. Painkillers, cold mediations and anti-depressants that you often use casually could be worsening your menopausal symptoms. Seek a professional opinion—systematically checking across every medication combination that could be inducing a negative impact on your libido.