100 Linux Tips and Tricks

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What this chapter covers

Tip : Which distribution is good for you

Tip : How to find a Linux CD-ROM at lowcost

Tip : Multiple operating systems

Tip : Installing with no CD-ROM drive ormodem

Tip : Swap and memory

Tip : More swap with a swap file

Tip : Kernel size and modules

Tip : The boot prompt

Tip : Wrong memory size found

Tip : Master boot record and LILO

Tip : LILO can’t find a kernel on a bigdrive

Tip : X Window configuration options

Tip : Allowing users to mount drives

Tip : Allowing users to run root programs

Tip : Linux and NT booting

Tip : Annoying boot messages

Tip : Programs on CD-ROM

Tip : International console

Tip : Multiple kernels choices

Tip : Default file permissions

Tip : Default boot mode

Tip : More information from usenet

Tip : Bytes per inodes

Tip : LILO and boot problems

Tip : Making CD-ROM images

Tip : FTP access restrictions


What this chapter covers

Tip : Detecting ethernet cards

Tip : Everything on sound cards

Tip : Non-PostScript printers

Tip : Use Windows special keys in Linux

Tip : Added processors

Tip : Detecting an ISA device

Tip : Find hardware information

Tip : Blinking leds on the keyboard

Linux Tips and Tricks


Table of Contents

Tip : Readinga foreign file system

Tip : Can’t mount root fs

Tip : Linux on a ?

Tip : Linux without a hard drive

Tip : Shutdown and power off

Tip : LPD started but no device found

Tip : Read files from FAT drives

Tip : TV on Linux

Tip : Device drivers

Tip : Mouse problems

Tip : International keyboards


What this chapter covers

Tip : Background image in X Window

Tip : Customize Netscape Communicator

Tip : POP in Pine

Tip : Multiple accounts in Pine

Tip : Running Java programs

Tip : Virtual hosts in Apache

Tip : Libc versus Glibc

Tip : Aliases with Qmail

Tip : Samba with Windows or NT

Tip : KDE drag and drop icons

Tip : Find files

Tip : asm or linux include files not found

Tip : ICQ on Linux

Tip : Reading foreign documents

Tip : Scanning with Linux

Tip : Real audio and video

Tip : Emulation

Tip : Shared library not found

Tip : Hard to erase files

Tip : Files permissions

Tip : Changing file permissions

Tip : An international background

Tip : Powerful file transfer system

Tip : Editing in text editors

Tip : Documentation and manual


What this chapter covers

Tip : Easy PPP dialup

Tip : Internet for your LAN

Tip : Domains to search in

Tip : Display IP rather than hostname

Tip : Is my modem a winmodem?

Linux Tips and Tricks

Table of Contents

Tip : Sharing files from a Windows system

Tip : Sorry but this host is not in my list

Tip : Access to various networks

Tip : Accessing remote file systems

Tip : Secure Web server

Tip : Secure alternative to telnet

Tip : Speed problems on a PPP connection

Tip : Names and name servers

Tip : Who owns this port

Tip : Network printers


What this chapter covers

Tip : Graphical messages to the world

Tip : Code reuse

Tip : Makefile don’t equal C

Tip : Parsing the command line in BASH

Tip : Don’t grep grep

Tip : Move a text into upper case letters

Tip : Using PASCAL on Linux

Tip : Segmentation fault

Tip : Who is online?

Tip : Graphical toolkits

Tip : IDE and visual interfaces

Tip : Free software and copyleft

Tip : Talking to the terminal

Tip : Internet technologies

Tip : Librarytypes

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Linux – 100 tips and tricks