Bright Future is Forgotten Past

Bright Future is Forgotten Past

In the search of brightest future,
probably i was misled and lost;
only then i could realise that,
it always based on forgotten past.

The past which had many grey shades,
which dominated all your good times;
that always left you low on confidence,
and made you forget the sweet chimes.

The past which forced you to cry,
forced to smile with tears in eyes;
never let you sit with peace of mind,
made you to do wrong things, tell lies.

The past which kept you away,
from your family and loved ones;
all it had given you is lonliness,
made you happy not even once.

My dear, you cant go well in life,
until you let go off past failures;
then you will find your bright future,
believe me there are no other cures . . .