What is spirituality?

What is spirituality?
It is light incense.
It is to sit down at the feet of the guru.
It is to fall into the depths of meditation.
Is repeating mantras.
Is to wear white, talk pausada and aterciopeladamente.
That is to say the wrong things, make a mistake memorable, collapsing, feel free.
It is to give up on your guru.
Is to abandon your religion.
Is to finish the meditation, dance in the street, eating a pizza.
Is to throw your ideas of second-hand about what is ‘spiritual’ and so it is not.
It is no longer a matter of fit in a club.
You are, perfect in your imperfection, fabulous with your flaws.
It is the now, sacred in his cotidianeidad, burning with presence.
It is an uprising of originality.
Is the death of the false hopes, of the claims of the promises.
Is the life, exactly as it is, nothing added, nothing removed.