What should I say?

What should I say?

Why my mind thinks for U everytime;
Why my heart beats for U always;
Why my eyes search for U in bunches of people;

When U r in front of me, I am speechless &
When U r not I am missing U lot;

I know U have already reserved for someone of course that’s not me then too why I am trying to follow everytime Why I am dying to talk to U everytime Why after knowing the fact I like U?

I know its not crush, nor its One night stand
I & U know its Love at first sight– I express it to U
U know I tried to follow U since last many years & now I trying to express my feeling to U

Today though I am trying to express but
Cannot express on knowing the facts- U r born for someone else;

What should I do……. Ohhhhhh GOD…….!
Its day without U and evening or night without U which never starts or end listening Ur voice or seeing U…

U r not beautyfull as other nor so sweet as many others.. Nor U r sexy as U wanted to be like other females! but U r still beauty for me from looks & as well as from deep of Ur heart!

I loved the way U lived Ur life and living too!
I know pair are made from heaven &
I am sure that is not me sure-sort but still I want to plead you that – Is there any chance of and adjustment
Give me an opportunity to be with U
Give me an opportunity to walk the miles together hand in hand

Give me an chance to make U laugh and feel happy with me & then see the change…
Whether I am Mr. Perfect for U- though for temporary time and not forever May I be for U proved a smiling reason in Life forever;

What should I do How I express My feeling for U to U

I am missing U day & night

I decided to stop talking to U, ignoring U by just fake debate and anger
I did it just to move away from U
Than Y am I searching U,
Than Y am I trying to hear Ur Voice
Than Y am I trying to get back into my life?

Ohhhh….. Why……Why…….Why……….?

What should I say?

Please say to me……..U or some else…..What should I Say or Do?