Of our passport (passport), pages torn airport officials burning! …. Be careful.

Of our passport (passport), pages torn airport officials burning! …. Be careful.

Carefully read all of this article.
indexYour international flight traveling from the international airport kutipukalatikari (IMMIGRATION OFFICER) / Customs Officer (CUSTOMS OFFICER) / police officer (POLICE OFFICER) and airport staff (AIRPORT STAFF) whom your passport (passport) has to be very alert because of your passport (passport) and was very easy way to extort money from you, gripping the handles at the international airport and is collusion.

Airport Passenger Departure (DEPATURE) at the time, traveling kutipukal (IMMIGRATION OFFICER) will overlook the officer in the discharge period (EXIT) tore a page out of the seal foothold mobility அனுப்பிவிடுகின்றார் your passport. More travel kutipukal / kutiyerral mecaiyaivittu After his kaninimulam traveler’s full detailing the complaint to make, and now the all international airports kutipukal / kutiyerral officer on the passenger’s passport and I tapped the passenger’s full statement is available and the red flag ataiyalamittu glow. To extort money from travelers to handle such a strategy.

When the traveler arrives back to undergo trial.

He worked many years in traveling abroad, his income, as he heard the work, which the innocence of the law, the court will be available in India believe that the future of innocent பாழ்படுத்தப்படும் miserable condition. He told kutipukal officers, policemen கறந்துவிடுவார்கள் bargain for the money.

Please do not suggest that all, you have your passport kutipukal airport / customs officer at the table to be very vigilant when given, the officer in pursuit of your vision while ticaittiruppum tavaravitatirkal your vision.

And this information to your friends, journalists, politicians tell. Like this every month in India 20 – 30 events are happening all international airports. One, for example, in Saudi Arabia a few months ago jitta (Saudi aramko) Hyderabad will be able to work on. Six members get a visa to go to America with his குடும்பம்பத்தினர் ariputin our country trying to go through the Hyderabad Airport in Hyderabad arrived, America has gone through a month long stay back in Hyderabad airport. He reached for his wife when kutipukal visa page of the passport for the Americas has seen the lack of surprise. They redirected from there. They arrived in Mumbai and Mumbai were arrested by the police, the court for the past two months, police stations, office அலைந்துகொண்டிருக்கின்றனர் kutipukal. Kutipukal officials wonder how to think about money parippatark play in the lives of the people of his motherland.
Bombay and Hyderabad International Airport, all passengers traveling through should be very careful. Each month, the center of the passport pages 20-30 kilikkappatum cases such as the above airports in place, the incident in which some people who, when not even know that place. If such risks, how would we imagine, காவல்நிளையங்களும் of our country, that வழக்கடுமன்றங்களும் alaikalipparkal us. Such incidents are அதிகரித்துக்கொண்டேதான் two to three years.
Therefore, we should be very careful to check our passport kutipukal akalaventum from the table with the knowledge that we have of this message to everyone …….