Foods for skin during the wedding season

With the wedding season around the corner, every body wants to look their best for the big day! While every body is rushing for facials, spa treatments and the works to achieve that festive glow on their skin, most ignore what they’re putting on their plates! Your diet is the key factor is achieving the fresh, natural look.

Here are some tips on how to eat your way to beautiful and glowing skin in time for the wedding season! Cook for your skin and it will pay you back with beauty!

• Walnuts and flax seeds are a natural, wonderful source of omega 3 fatty acids. Snack on these in between meals to get glowing skin. Dry fruits like almonds and walnuts are also a great source of protein that is good for skin!

• Carrots with carotenoids, tomatoes with lycopene, protein-rich sprouts all contain anti oxidants to keep the skin youthful. Include these in your salads to increase the health quotient of your diet!

• Drinking at least 2 liters of water will help keep your skin well hydrated. Coconut water is also an effective hydrant that keeps your skin healthy and glowing. It cleanses the system from within and this reflects on your skin, giving your skin the quenched look everybody craves for. I recommend drinking at least 2 glasses of coconut water, especially during the wedding season as it cools the system after eating all the heavy wedding food and adds vital electrolytes to your diet.

• Weddings naturally mean sweets galore as everyone indulges in the joyous mood. However, sugar is a dangerous ingredient that really undermines your skin as it promotes inflammation, thereby aggravating many skin conditions, esp. acne, aging etc. Hence, stay away from sweets as much as possible!

• Dairy products also add precursors of sebum secretion, thereby aggravating oiliness and causing pimples. Hence, stay away from dairy wherever possible. Even when drinking tea, opting for green tea is a useful option as it is an instant beauty shot for your skin with its detoxifying properties.

• It might be difficult to maintain your exercise regime but a half hour exercise routine daily helps in keeping your mind and skin fresh.