I don’t give you flowers to tell you you’re special

I don’t give you chatocoles for your sweetness

I don’t give you teddy bears for your cares

Just look at my eyes and you’ll know . how much I love you

I love you not because you are beautiful

I love you not because you are rich


I love you not because you have the characteristics that I am
looking for

I love you, simply because you are what you are.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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A lovely day is made up of 24 hours.

A lovely week is made up of 7 lovely days.

A lovely year is made up of 52 lovely weeks

But my life became
lovely just .because I love you

Without Love – days are


“SadDay, MoanDday, TearsDay,

WasteDay, ThirstDay,

FrightDay, ShatterDay

So be in Love everyday…

Wish u a Happy Valentine’s Day!