How to Take Care of Your Precious Jewellery

Care for jewellery is only what can make it a heritage piece. Learn how to clean jewellery and keep it maintained, such that it would not lose its sheen for years to come:

Caring for Gold Jewellery

Pure gold jewellery does not need a lot of care as it is resistant to changes in the atmosphere. It does not get oxidized or blacken with time. However, regular use and the dirt that accumulates on it can reduce its sheen and polish.

Steps to clean Gold Jewellery:

  • Simply dip the jewellery in warm soapy water and wash it well.
  • You can use a soft-bristle toothbrush to remove dirt in niches.
  • Clean the piece with a soft cloth. Do not use paper products like tissues etc., as they can create scratches on gold’s surface.
  • Now, your gold gets back its sheen. Dry the jewellery and store it inside a box, so that dust does not accumulate on it. You need to be more careful if the jewellery has precious stones embedded in it.

Caring for Silver Jewellery
Silver jewellery needs careful handling. The biggest danger is exposure to moisture and oxidation, which makes the jewellery dark and unsightly. After using silver jewellery, always wash it with plain water to remove sweat, perfumes, hairspray and dirt. Dry it thoroughly with soft cloth and store it in air tight boxes. Ensure minimal exposure to atmosphere. Your silvers should be the last that you put on and first that you take off. Special silver dips are available to clean silver. However, do not use it very frequently because the jewellery loses sheen over time. Never sunbathe, take bath or swim without removing your silvers.


Caring for Platinum Jewellery

Platinum does not tarnish like silver. It is also harder than gold and so it can sustain some amount of scratches but is not scratchproof. Platinum should be stored in separate padded jewellery boxes and regularly cleaned with mild soaps in order to remove chemical substances that accumulate on it. If dirt is not removed from the platinum jewellery, metal will harden and lose its sheen. Buff with soft cloth after washing to restore shine.

Caring for Precious Gemstones

Different gems have different hardness levels. Diamond is the hardest and least susceptible to damage. Pearls are delicate and can be easily damaged.  Gemstones should always be treated very delicately.

  • Wash only with non-detergent soaps and warm water.
  • Do not use chlorine or salt water for washing.
  • Never wash gemstone studded jewellery directly in the sink because stones might come loose and drain into the pipe. A makeup brush, preferably unused, should be used to clean accumulated dirt.
  • Pearl strings should never be stretched when they are wet because they can snap more easily.
  • Always allow jewellery to dry completely before storing them. Moisture can sometimes corrode the metal and ruin the setting.

By taking good care of your jewellery, they remain intact for decades or even centuries. Jewellery, after all, is meant to be cherished by generations to come.