Riverine my blood flowed
Splashing through the arterial tributaries
Gushing upstream in the venal canals
Lapping dulcet against its walls
Flowing into the estuaries of the heart
Placidly, rhythmically.

It danced torrential with my passions
Eddied and swirled with my longings
Fell in teeming cataracts with my raptures
Spilled, sprayed and surged into my rages
Leaked a little into my sweat and tears
Seeped moribund into my menstrual cycles.

Till somebody built check dams in my veins
Stemming the flow at intervals
And clots arose like boulders
Pushed into the swirling waters
By the strong merciless hands of a quirky fate
Around which, the muddied stream
Swirls and whirls unable to pass
And reach the destination unrestrained,
The confluence at the life sustaining ghat.