Makeup Tips for Eyeglass Wearers

Makeup Tips for Eyeglass Wearers
Makeup needs to be adapted when you wear eyeglasses since they obscure part of your face. Get the right look by using a few great makeup tips for eyeglass wearers.
Wearing glasses should impact the way you create your makeup for better results. Whether you’re only using reading glasses or have to wear your specs all the time, try the best makeup tips for eyeglass wearers.

Depending on your diagnosis, wearing glasses can lead to 2 major effects on your eyes: making them appear smaller or larger. Frames also play an important role in choosing the right makeup for a good look and eye makeup is never a waste of time when you’re wearing glasses.

Makeup for Eyeglass Wearers Essentials
Smaller, lighter frames allow for more freedom with colors and you can sport brighter shades. For big glasses, with thick and dark frames, you’ll need a more neutral look to make them work.

Lenses add shadows to your face, but the eyeglasses are already a big accessory, so don’t try to compensate with shimmer or illuminators: you won’t get a hot look.

When your eyeglasses make your eyes appear larger, the best makeup for eyeglass wearers means choices that are a bit subtler. Heavy eyeliner can give you a raccoon look. Don’t ever skip the eye cream application every night, since all your lines and imperfections around the eyes will also appear bigger.

If your spectacles make your eyes look smaller, avoid dramatic dark outlines since they make the eye seem even smaller, but for your eyelashes, the curler is a great idea.

Makeup for Glasses Wearers Tips :
Use brown or gray eyeliner to really make your eyes pop from behind the glasses, but try to avoid the stronger shades of black. Rimless glasses allow for more freedom and you can even try the smoky eye in a brown or gray shadow.

Liquid eyeliner and mascara can complete your look, but go all out only for thin frames. Huge black glasses with thick rims also allow for more freedom in the makeup, since they cover such a big area around your eyes that the common makeup for glasses wearers rules don’t apply as strongly as before.

How to Match Makeup for Eyeglass Wearers :
Resist the urge to match your makeup with your eyeglasses. Try to choose either dark frames in a shade you don’t often use on your makeup. If you have some more colorful specs, do not match them with your lips or even worse, your eyeshadow.

Since you can’t apply eye makeup with your glasses on, invest in a good magnifying mirror that can help you get the right look based on these simple rules of makeup for glasses wearers.