Celebrating ‘1st April’ or `April Fool’ is Simply kufri and Haraam for the Muslims!

Celebrating ‘1st April’ or `April Fool’ is Simply kufri and Haraam for the Muslims!


Noor-i-Mujassam, Habeebullah, Huzur Pak Swallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam Declares, “An individual maintaining relationship with certain community shall be disposed off along with that community as well”.

Celebrating `1st April’ or `April Fool’ is Simply kufri and Haraam for the Muslims!

History of this day is a history of extremely bluffing the Muslims and mercilessly making them Shahid (martyr). Ignorant and callous about their own history and pride, the uncaring Muslims are being belittled and subjugated everywhere for these reasons.

Every year, people observe the 1st of April by deceiving each other in their own dwellings, areas, educational institutes and office and courts. This pleasure of deceiving they consider the pleasure of the month of April which they pronounce as well. (Na’uzubillah!)

It has been depicted in the Qur’an Shareef and Hadis Shareef to make less of laughter for more of laughing makes one’s soul dead. More cautions have been made, “If you knew what I am aware of, you would laugh less and cry more!

Hadis Shareef has the reference that, “Never lie even out of jokes”. If this is the case, then how grave would it be to make fun through bluffs and deceptions; how much haraam and qabirah sin would it be is a point to ponder. Hadis Shareef has further that Huzur Pak Swallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam Declared, “One who deceives or bluffs is not My Ummah.”

`Hadis Shareef has the reference that, “An individual maintaining relationship with certain community shall be disposed off along with that community as well.”

On 1st of April, those who engage and dissolve themselves in the fun and pleasure of deceiving others are not only becoming qabirah sinners of falsehood and deceptions but are also including themselves in the list of those who killed and made millions of Muslims martyrs. Being Muslims by themselves, they express harmony and happiness in making other Muslims martyrs. (Na’uzubillah!)

Hadis Shareef has the reference that, “If in one corner of the world, a virtuous job is accomplished and a support is received from the other corner, that supporter gets it’s equal thwab; similarly, if a sin is committed in one corner of the world and someone supports it in the other, he is considered an equal sinner as well.”

According to Hadis Shareef, it is assumed that, “Those who shall engage and dissolve themselves in the fun of 1st April, shall be deemed qabirah sinners for falsehood and deception. Also there shall be written in their amalnama (dossier) the sins for making millions of Muslim martyrs. There disposal shall take place along with those kaafirs responsible for making millions of Muslim martyrs meaning that they would be tough hell-dwellers.”

Muslims are far away from the practice of Ilm (religious knowledge) these days. They are so much indifferent about their own history and tradition that they know nothing today about their golden age, their unprecedented and widespread risings in knowledge of science and technology. At the same time, they are also ignorant about how much oppressions and ordeals those kaafirs and infidels had brought on to the Muslims and how many Muslims were killed (made martyrs) on various occasions. There is a similar story about the day of the 1st of April on which millions of Muslims were butchered.

The story goes like this: Khalifa Walid ordered His Commander in Chief to carry out expeditions in Spain in the year 711 AD. It was then in Spain, the reign of last Visigoth king, Roderick, a dynasty of injustice, social indiscrimination and tyranny in the name of religion. Many converted to Islam owing to such situation while many others invited the Muslims to get rid of the King’s absolutism.

The sayings go like this that `Florinda’, the young daughter of Julian, Visigothic governor of Ceuta in north Africa under Spain was seduced by King Roderick. Furious and vengeful, Julian sought revenge by approaching the Muslims with a plan to invade Spain. The Commander (in Chief) nominated Hazrat Tariq bin Ziad Rahmatullahi Alaihi for doing the job and allotted only seven thousand troops for the purpose. Hazrat Tariq bin Ziad got puzzled with so little a force and so vast a task. He started dua–munjat (praying and begging) to Allah for such an enormous job. Deep at night, he found Sayeedul Mursaalin, Imaamul Mursaalin, Noor-i-Mujassam, Huzur Pak Swallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam in his dreams. Rahmatullil A’alamin, Huzur Pak Swallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam assured him, “O Ziad! Proceed. Don’t worry. It is you who shall succeed!” Hazrat Tariq bin Ziad Rahmatullahi Alaihi got tremendously charged after this dream and with huge spirit, he moved forward. Reaching Spain, he ordered to burn all his naval vessels. It was done. Then he addressed his soldiers. With a very specialized spirit of Imaan and fortitude, he delivered a determined speech, saying, “Muslims! You reached a point of no return! All the vessels are burnt. There’s is no going back! Therefore, having Allah Pak with us, we must have to win and InshaAllah we will!”

With this spirited speech, full of vigor and Imaan, Muslim warriors got energized and ultimately snatched the victory. Roderick’s army was decimated and he was drowned in the rivers. The victorious army of Hazrat Tariq bin Ziad Rahmatullahi Alaihi conquered Carmonar, Cedonia, Ijissa etc. The Muslim forces were dived in to four groups and were sent to Malaga, Granada and Toledo and in many of the gothic states, Muslim rules were established.

Then in 712, a large Muslim force arrived in Spain and captured Sedona, Seville, Merida and Talavera. Gradually, the joint forces of Hazrat Tariq bin Ziad Rahmatullahi Alaihi captured Galicia, Leon, Asturias, Saragosa, Aragon, Fatalonia, and Barcelona and headed up to the Pyrenees Mountains. Within the years of 712 to 714, almost all of the christian Spain came under the flags of Muslim rules.

Since then, although Muslim rules continued for some few centuries in Spain but the rulers got inclined to luxurious and un-ethical lifestyles. On the other and, the religion-mongers als0 started rising.

At around 1470, Ferdinand and Isabella, the christian couple took full chance of this situation. They tactfully implanted their christian people in various Madrassa, Masjids in the Muslim positions of Imam, Muazzin and Madrassa Teachers etc. At the same time they were successful in picking up the `ulamaye soo’. They all created public sentiment of loosely observing the Islamic ideals avoiding the strict sides of it. They started preaching that drinking (alcohol), mixing up with un-permitted women and non-observance of Hijab are no offenses. Muslims, as a result, got puzzled and gradually started losing their Imaani strength. Ulamaye soo further made propaganda that christians are not hostile to the Muslims. Spreading such nets of conspiracy, the Ferdinand couple slowly recovered the Spanish territory back from the Muslims.

They first made the fall of Alhambra castle. Then they asked for Granada. With their lost Imaan and guidance, the Muslims, instead of fighting back, quickly submitted to their desires. In this situation, the fallen Muslim warriors were offered freedom at the cost of leaving their arms and coming to terms. The sharp and intelligent Muslim Commander quickly realized the pacts to be `death-agreements’ and advocated his soldiers and people not to accept it which he hinted through his enlightened speech about severe future consequences.

But predicting his likely inevitable fall, they did not pay any heed to his ideas. Therefore, finding no other options, he chose to leave the city through Elvira Gates where he was stuck up by the ambush of some ten christian horsemen. He got entangled in fierce fighting while he made some few casualties and also got him severely injured. Finally, instead of being captured in the hands of enemies, he chose to dive in to the river Shenil for eternal peace.

Then Ferdinand proclaimed that the `Masjids would be considered safe zones’. Further in that proclamation was that `those who took refuge inside the Masjids shall be under safe custody’. Numerous simple-hearted Spanish Muslims got captivated by taking shelter inside these Masjids. The enemies then locked the Masjids from outside, spread patrols on those and set fire. Rest of the Spanish Muslims was all burnt alive. Outside, the enemies were frolicking, making harmonized cries, saying, `fool’, `fool’! The day was 1st of April, 1492. Till today, christians, recollecting that victory, observe the day as `April Fool’!

It could be a day of joy for the christians but immensely painful for the Muslims. Because a civilization developed by the Muslims washed away with the very blood of the Muslims owing to the cruel treachery of the christians. Therefore, Muslims should derive a cruel lesson of the anti-Islamic and anti-Muslim attitude of the jews and christians from the history of this day and that they should also be aware of the facts. They should gather required spirits in fighting them back. May Allah bless us all by bestowing us with those abilities. (Ameen)


Tahjib-Tamuddun Department

Rajarbag Shareef, Dhaka-1217