How To Approach Us Girls- A Woman’s Point Of View

It seems so easy when you see other guys doing it! However, you may find that approaching a girl , telling her that you like her or asking her out, is Mission Impossible for you!

Don’t worry, us girls won’t easily admit it, but the fact is that we feel flattered most of the times we are approached… at least, if you do it right!

However, approaching a girl means you have to face the possibility of being rejected, and no one likes that!

In order to minimize this awful turn of events coming true, next time you go for it, pay attention to certain signals us girls send. You may have probably noticed by now that women who like a guy won’t approach him, but wait for the man to do the first move.

Certainly, you can’t expect a girl to do a direct approach: it’s you who have to take the chance, because we also fear rejection! On the other hand, it’s not that us girls don’t communicate: we may not be using words, but we are constantly sending signals through body language.

For Example:

* Eye contact:
Girls may flirt through a short period of eye contact, then glancing away, and then looking back at you to see if you maintained the contact.

* Tossing the hair: A girl who plays with her hair is definitely trying to catch a guy’s attention.

* Touching the edge of our glass: Very common signal in bars and discos!

Helpful Tips

Next time you go to a disco, a bar or a club, a good exercise you can do is just sitting there and watching.

Observe the way girls act around boys they like, as well as how they respond with their body language when a guy they’re not interested comes near.

Look at men too, you may recognize in them certain signals you are sending as well (whether intentionally, or not!). If you have a girl who is a close friend, you may even ask her for help: tell her to point at those girls who are flirting, since us women recognize in others the same body language that we use.

When you finally approach a girl, don’t look desperate: asking for her number immediately is a bad idea.

She may think you do that to every girl around!

First, talk to her, get to know her, take the time to know who she is and what you could have in common. Only then you may ask for her number or ask her on a date.

Us girls like guys who make us laugh, who we can trust, who shows that he cares and who listen to us. Demonstrate you could be one of those guys, and you’ll get the girl for sure!

Eye Contact

One of the leading causes of guys getting rejected when they approach the girl is that they don’t make eye contact.

* Don’t look at the floor!
* Don’t mumble!
* Don’t stare at her upper body area!

Girls want confident men to approach them. They want someone who doesn’t make them nervous and eye contact helps with that.

Girls are very quick to pick up on a man’s confidence and would reject him quickly just on this basis alone.


Smiling is the simplest way to recognize whether or not the girl has an interest in you! When you smile at her, she would most probably smile back at you if she was ready to be approached.

* Smile but DO NOT STARE!

BUT, if she has a blank expression on her face or maybe just looks away as if trying to ignore you then she is not willing to be approached and you should avoid a possible rejection and move on to someone else.
Positive Body Language

Positive nonverbal communication is very important to be able to approach a girl effectively and receive the appropriateresponse.

When a girl senses that you’re nervous with your approach she is more likely to reject you especially if she fidgets and feels tense. She may be uncomfortable and she’ll show it.

* Is her body facing you or away from you?
* Is she smiling?

“If you want to make her feel comfortable about YOU approaching HER, then you have to feel comfortable YOURSELF.”

A woman will feed off whatever energy you are sending out. When you send out a message that you are nervous and apprehensive about approaching her, then what do you think she is going to end up feeling ?

That same nervous and apprehensive energy that you’re feeling, she’ll feel!!

You can eliminate this by instead being relaxed and not feeling nervous at all. Just say to yourself, “There’s nothing really bad that can happen from approaching this woman”.
“Women like to be approached by guys, just as long as you’re not doing so with the hopes of dating her.”

Does that make any sense?

Even though a part of her will probably guess that this may be the reason why you are approaching her, it shouldn’t be so apparent.

She can’t think that this is all you want to do.

It has to be a lot more natural to approach a woman and get a conversation started. After some chemistry has been built up, then work your way into getting a date with her. If she is out at a bar or a club, chances are, she is open to being approached by a guy, as long as he doesn’t seem like just another guy that wants to hook up.