7 global sex facts

Sex tax, Germany

We’ve all heard the snappy, hard-hitting phrase “sex sells”. It would seem that the officials in the German city of Bonn have taken this phrase to a whole new level. They have installed a meter in the city to tax their 200 prostitutes. The fee is six Euros and is expected to earn 200,000 Euros per year. You even get a receipt.

The land of the fertile, Russia

Although in a recent survey the Russians were reported as being the least happy with their sex lives (along with the Fins), one woman in Russia holds the world record for having birthed the most children. This fertile lady gave birth 69 times, having 16 pairs of twins, seven sets of triplets, and four sets of quadruplets. Where did she find the time?

Sex toys banned, America

In a global survey Jennifer Lopez won the crown of being the world’s sexiest woman. Halle Berry and Britney Spears were joint third. Despite producing three of the most beautiful women in the world, parts of America seems decidedly prudish. For example, the state of Alabama has banned the sale of any items that are intended to give sexual stimulation.

Body sushi, Japan

If your two favourite things are eating and sex, then body sushi is for you. This Japanese tradition uses the naked body as a serving plate. The models are typically female. They are trained to lie still for hours, whilst food is eaten from their bodies. Sometimes the women will be painted or decorated too. The idea is based around the belief that sushi should delight.

Who has the most sex, global

According to a recent survey, Americans appear to have the most sex at 132 times a year. The Russian’s come a close second, with the average Russian having sex 122 times a year. In third place is the French at 121 and in fourth position is the Greeks at 115.  However, the three countries with the lowest sexual frequency were Japan, Malaysia and China.

Sexual energy, China

Taoism is an ancient tradition that is steeped in Chinese customs and beliefs. Taoist’s believe sexual energy is life-enhancing and so they try to retain it. For males, one way to retain sexual energy is to prevent ejaculation. Some Taoist’s also encourage men to have many sexual partners; in order to access the beneficial energy released by women during sex.

Biggest orgy, Japan

On the 15th of March an annual fertility festival is held in Japan, where the penis is celebrated and revered. With the Japanese being such public fans of the penis, it is no shock that it is they who hold the world record for having the biggest orgy ever. 250 Japanese men and 250 Japanese women had sex in a warehouse at the same time. They’ve even released a DVD.