Most Useful Home Tips

Most Useful Home Tips


An apple to make tomatoes ripen

If you’re tired of waiting and would like to make your tomatoes ripe in half the time, put them in a bowl with an apple or two, and cover them up with plastic wrap


Beans for wax

fill up the candle house with a layer of raw beans. It’s not only a nice decoration, but the beans will also keep the candle steady and capture the wax drops


Toothpick on scotch tape

Mark the end of the scotch tape by rolling it up with a toothpick at the end


Orange Peel to conserve moisture

Keep the moisture and softness of brown sugar and prevent it from become rough lumps by adding a long and narrow orange peeling into the sugar vessel.


Coffee filter to clean dust

Clean dust from the computer and television screen using a coffee filter. You won’t even have to get it wet to use it!


Paper cloth to clean the shower doors

Remove insistent soap accumulation from the shower’s glass doors by spraying a little water on a paper cloth, the kind used for the dryer and cleaning doors


Eggshells to clean narrow places

Use a hard boiled eggshell to clean the hard to reach areas of bottles, jars and vases. Throw a few pieces of shell in the object, add hot water and a little bit of dish soap, and stir it well. The shells will scrape off that hard-to-reach dirt


Pillow cover to clean the ceiling fan

Slip an old pillow cover on the blades of the ceiling fan and then pull it backwards quickly to draw all the dust and dirt into it, without dropping them all over the floor


Ginger to deal with pain

Calm down blisters and burns by swatting some fresh ginger juice on the aching spot

Lemon to clean a grater

After you’ve grated soft cheese or other sticky foods, use half a lemon to get rid of the leftovers. Just use the soft side of the lemon on both sides of the grater and you’ll see how easily it becomes clean again


Nailpolish to fix a loose button

Smear a thin layer of transparent nailpolish on the center of the loose button, it will harden and keep it from falling


Onion to get rid of the scent of mildew

Air out the smell of mildew from the basement or the tool shed with onions. Cut an onion in half, put half of it on a plate and leave it in the room for the night. The morning after, the air in the room will be cleaner and you won’t even smell the onion!


Vinegar and salt against the smell of onion

However, you might be concerned of having that pesky scent of onions on your hands. A combination of vinegar and salt neutralizes the smell of onions. Mix the two materials and pour this on your hands to rub together until the scent is gone. Then wash with soap


Pumice to clean a sweater

Take a rough pumice and gently rub it on any thick sweaters to get rid of little fibers and other junk


Empty bottle to stabalize boots

Use empty wine bottles to keep tall leather boots stable, so they don’t lose their shape in storage