mistakes #acceptance 2019..!?

#mistakes #acceptance 2019..!?

When I started using pen in my primary school, and I made a mistake, I would try hard to erase it before submitting to my teacher.

Sometimes, I use chalk to clean my mistake but it later re-appeared.
So I began to use saliva, it worked, but only to leave holes in my books.
My teachers then used to beat me for being outrageously dirty. But all I tried to do was to cover my error.

One day, a kind hearted teacher who loved me so much called me aside and he said, ” Anytime you make a mistake, just cross it and move on” .
He said further ” Trying to erase our mistakes would only damage your book to nothing.
I told him in protest that I don’t want people to see my mistake.
My loving teacher laughed and said ” Trying to erase our mistake will make more people know about our mess and the stigma is for life”.

Have you made some mistakes in life? Cross it over and move on.
Don’t expose ourself as a result of trying to cover our mistakes.
Better things are ahead of you.
Strike out 2019 mistakes and move into 2020 with a fresh note, expectations, blessings..

#Advance new year wishes..!

Please pass this message to your family and friends NOW.

Very Very Urgent …

Please pass this message to your family and friends NOW.

People have been receiving calls from
Tel: +375602605281
Tel: +37127913091
Tel: +37178565072
Tel: +56322553736
Tel: +37052529259
Tel: +255901130460
or any number starting from +371 +375 +381

These guys only ring once and hang up.
If you call back,they can copy your contact list in 3sec and if you have a bank or credit card details on your phone, they can copy that too…

+375 code is for Belarus.
+371 code is for Lativa.
+381 Serbia.
+563 Valparaiso.
+370 Vilnius.
+255 Tanzania.

Don’t answer or Call back.

Also, Don’t Press
#90 or #09
on your Mobile when asked by any caller.

It’s a new trick which is use to access your SIM card, make calls at your expense and frame you as a criminal.

URGENTLY FORWARD this message to as many friends as you can to stop any intrusion!!!

Duties of Electoral

Duties of PO1 :
1 Identification
2 Maintanance of Village Panchayat Ward Marked copy of Electoral
3 Issueing of Village pt ward Ballot paper
4 Note serial no,part no of voter in the Counterfoil
5 Get Signature of voter in the Counterfoil
For Two Ward Booth Another polling officer Do the Same Duties of polling officer 1

Marking in the Marked copy of Electoral
Male -Underline
Female -Underline & Tickmark
Duties Of PO2 :
இடது ஆள்காட்டி விரலில் விரலில் அழியாத மை வைத்தல்
Duties of PO3 :
1 Maintanance of Village Panchayat President Marked copy of Electoral
2 Issueing of Village Panchayat President Ballot paper
3 Note serial no,part no of voter in the Counterfoil
4 Get Signature of voter in the Counterfoil
Duties of PO4 :
1 Maintanance of Union Councillors Marked copy of Electoral
2 Issueing of Union councillors Ballot paper
3 Note serial no,part no of voter in the Counterfoil
4 Get Signature of voter in the Counterfoil
Duties of PO5 :
1.Maintanance of District Councillors Marked copy of Electoral
2 Issueing of District councillor Ballot paper
3 Note serial no,part no of voter in the Counterfoil
4 Get Signature of voter in the Counterfoil
Duties of PO6 :
1 Incharge of Ballot Box
2 Giving 2 sided Arrow CrossMark Rubber Stamp with ink
3 வாக்கு சீட்டை செங்குத்தாக நீளவாக்கிலும்,பின்பு குறுக்கே மடித்தல்
4 Confirmation of BP posted in Box
Colours of Ballot paper
1.Dt Panchayat Ward -YELLOW
2.pt.union Council Ward -Green
3.Village Pt.President -pink
4.Village pt .Ward -white(Single Ward) White&Blue(Double Ward )

bakery shop

There’s a bakery shop near to our house. Often, on my way back home in the evening, I buy some stuff for the morning breakfast.Today, as I was about to leave the bakery, I met our neighbour Mr. Trevor who himself was leaving the same shop. After the exchange of some traditional greetings, the conversation went like following.

I asked: “What have you bought?”

Trevor replied: “Nothing much, just some Onion Samosa and sweet Dry Jumun for my wife and children”.

Jokingly, I enquired, “Why so? Hasn’t your wife cooked today?”

He said: “No, it’s not like that. Actually, today in office we were a little hungry so my colleagues ordered some Onion Samosas and Dry Jumun. Since, I had this at the office I thought to buy some for my family too. It’s not fair that I eat whatever I like at the office while my kids and wife remain bound to eat whatever is cooked at home.”

Confounded with great surprise, I stared at him because I never thought this way before.

I said: “What’s the big deal, Trevor? If you eat food of your own choice at the office, your wife and children would also be having whatever they like to eat at home.”

Trevor replied: “Not at all, my wife saves for me from everything there is. Even if someone from neighbourhood sends something, my wife first saves some for me and then distributes it among my kids. It would be very selfish if I just enjoy good things with my friends and not with my family.”

Amazed upon hearing this I said: “Enjoying? This bakery stuff is what you think is enjoyment?”

He said: “Whatever! I dread the time when on the Day of Resurrection, I’ll be questioned about this. That I took someone’s daughter into marriage and had fun with my friends while she ate whatever little was available.”

Completely stunned, I couldn’t move my eyes off him while he continued.

“Look, when we get married to someone’s sister or daughter, they are human beings as well. Just like us. They too have hunger needs. They have their desires as well. They too wish to taste lots of delicious foods or foods of their choice, to try different kinds of lovely outfits. They also want to move and travel around. Keeping them caged like a bird, providing them meals twice a day and having a sense of smugness for doing all this is selfishness. And the way we treat the daughters of others is the way our own daughters and sisters will be treated because what goes around comes around.”

His last words shook me to a great degree. I never thought like this before. Concluding the conversation with Trevor I said, “Great! You have made me think from a different perspective.” I turned back to the shop.

Trevor enquired, “Where are you going?”

I replied, “To buy some ice-cream…actually I had some ice-cream at the office today.”

Trevor and I took our respective paths. Trevor was glad to have a positive impact on me. On the other hand, I now knew how to keep my wife and kids happy and acknowledge all the efforts my wife does for my happiness.


When a husband puts his wife first, above everyone and everything EXCEPT GOD, it gives his wife the sense of security and honour that every wife hungers for. (that applies vice versa as well).

– Wives are what makes life beautiful!

– Husbands are what makes a marriage whole!

– No wonder they call each other, “My Better Half” –

Know your Parents: (KYP)

Know your Parents: (KYP)

Brilliant Msg!!

One who loves till her eyes close, is a Mother.
One who loves without an expression in the eyes, is a Father.
Mother – Introduces you to the world.
Father – Introduces the world to you.
Mother : Gives you life
Father : Gives you living
Mother : Makes sure you are not starving.
Father : Makes sure you know the value of starving
Mother : Personifies Care
Father: Personifies Responsibility
Mother : Protects you from a fall
Father : Teaches you to get up from a fall.
Mother : Teaches you walking.
Father : Teaches you walk of life
Mother : Teaches from her own experiences.
Father : Teaches you to learn from your own experiences.
Mother : Reflects Ideology
Father : Reflects Reality
Mother’s love is known to you since birth.
Father’s love is known when you become a Father.
Mother loves from Heart.
Father loves from Brain.

Dedicated to all parents. 🙏

The Boss was retiring.

The Boss was retiring.

Everyone had tears in their eyes on the day of his farewell.

One of the employees said,
“Sir, there is one thing we want to learn from you.
You worked here for so many years.
Leave aside about scolding your subordinates,
we have never seen you even shouting at them.

We have scolded our subordinates on pressure of work or for other reasons.
We want to know about the seed of your patience.”

The Boss said,
“This all comes from the incident of my childhood.
My father was working as a lower level employee in an office.

He was a very nice person.
He was respected very much in our family.

It happened one day,
I was studying in the 4th standard.
I had gone to the office of my father for some reason.

I saw that my father was not on his seat.
I waited outside.
After some time,
the door of the Boss opened, my father came out of the door.
I saw the fair face of my father had turned red.

He went straight to a corner and stood there looking outside through a window.

He had not seen me.
I went to him and called him slowly.
He was taken by surprise and turned back to look at me.

I saw stream of tears flowing down his eyes.
He was slightly disturbed seeing me.He did not find time to wipe out his tears.

Can my father cry anytime?
He was the strongest man in the world for me.
It was out of my wildest imagination that someone could hurt him.

I ran straight to the room of the Boss.
Father was calling me from behind.
But, listening to nothing,
I went inside and asked the Boss,
“Why did you make my father cry?”
The Boss was also surprised.

Thereafter, my father tried to make me understand.

But, that day I had decided to take revenge on the Boss.

From that day I decided that I will study well and become a Boss one day,
but I will not make my subordinates cry anytime.

Because, they are not only the employees of my office, they are also respected and dear father or brother or somebody of their families and belong to someone important.

People say it is not possible to control others without scolding them.
I say, what is love then for?”

People who come to work are the ones who devote their best and quality time of the day to work, leaving not much time for their families. They do deserve a better treatment from their surroundings._

Ships don’t sink because of the water around them; ships sink because of the water that gets in them. Don’t let what’s happening around you and your circumstances get inside you in your mind and weigh you down.

Make your life such where peace becomes your priority and no negativity can exist in your life.

Just because you’re angry that doesn’t give you any right to be cruel.

Anger on the other hand doesn’t solve anything, it builds nothing, but it can destroy everything.

Neurologist claim that every time you resist acting on your anger, you’re actually rewiring your brain to be calmer and more loving.

The less you respond to rude, critical, argumentative people… the more peaceful your life becomes.

Explain your anger instead of expressing it, and you will find solutions instead of arguments….