Wife to Husband

Wife to Husband
We have heard many stories about rishis and maharishis from our elders and old aged relatives in childhood about their living, their life style, their devotion to god and most important to control their mind and separate it from the outer world’s attractions and troubles in way of their devotion / bhakti yog.
  In ancient times life styles of male and females were different, we thinks just about rishis does tapas and yog by sitting in a dark room or at peaceful place and his wife helps him to fulfill his wishes by completing his need and both they live their life by praying god whole life but the fact is something else which I want to share with you all.
Male partner make his mind and his will very strong that he can do anything by just thinking about that thing, situations or places. The will become such strong by the way of yog vidhya. Yog vidhya itself has most powerful way to lead your life to god / paramatma, in difficult situations you can talk to god and take assistant of that paramgyanaatma to whom we know as god. To learn yog vidhya try to sit calmly and silently first at least 10 minutes in beginning and after that you can increase time duration. Yog is nothing but talking to yourself as it is known that a part of paramatma resides in everyone. For doing / learning the right things taking many views for one goal and yourself choose one the most fruitful option which fulfill your desire and in such way none get adverse effects of your actions or deeds, in fact your deeds help others to understand situations and importance of sat karma.
In ancient time boys go to ashrams to take vidhya / diksha but there is no tradition like this for girls. They have to learn household activities and helping their mother in work from childhood they watches their parents praying god by helping each other. So the role of a girl seems like disappearing in shadow of a male’s lifestyle.
But it considered most important the life of a female in that time as she was not taking gyan or diksha like male candidates by learning and living in outer world conditions. So the male has the responsibility to make a female’s life secure first in such way that her life leads to moksha and she becomes free from the cycle of birth and death.   The male partner has to live his life in such way that it has importance of female’s life in his life most. He has to live whole life by facing outer world situations and conditions and during his life in these conditions he has to secure life of female partner by giving her priority to achieve moksha. Male partner first confirms the way to moksha for her female partner by living his life in such way giving whole universal and aatmik gyan to female partner that her psyche become so strong and it starts learning very quickly sometimes even it starts revealing secrets of the universe and that way whole world gets new knowledge and awareness of importance of husband and wife’s aatmik union.  Some has also point out this process a husband’s injustice or act full of selfishness by separating her wife from his life or living life like a sanyasi but they only become aware of the fact after that a husband has filled her wife with amazing and fortunate powers that she herself starts destroying the obstacles in the way of her husband’s life path to moksha.  Husband does tapas and reveals the secret of life by the way of yog and pranayam is the only option of getting cosmic energy for this kind of life. By doing pranayam male partner blessed with AURA which protects him from outer world’s wrongful activities and provide him right assistance whenever he requires in troubles of his lifetime. Even his presence has such power that all troublesome circumstances and situations can change and become rightful.
It is said that if a male partner make/live his life in such way by giving all knowledge and awareness about the outer world and this universe to a female partner, her kundalini starts functioning itself and she starts to feeling a force of power entering in her body with very warm experience which is nothing but a part of her male partner’s tapas shakti which had started to prove his perfection level of devotion and yog sadhna.
This proves the importance of a female’s life in a male’s life. If male wish to attain moksha, he has to make way first for his female partner else he cannot be eligible even to go on the way of moksha.