corona virus


China declares the situation out of control in the fight against the corona virus, and demands the World Health Organization to declare a state of emergency in the country

🔴 Urgent

Saudi Arabia announces the departure of three Saudi aircraft to bring Saudi nationals in the country of China in the coming hours soon

Russia announces the closure of the airspace and the suspension of all its incoming and outgoing flights to China

Corona flu is spreading in many countries of the world and hundreds of cases in hospitals

Flu Prevention

1- Avoid crowding

2- Not leaving the house except for necessity

3- Putting masks

4- Using hand sanitizers after shaking hands with people or injured people

5- Good heating inside and outside the house

6- Take sparkling or chewing vitamin C twice a day

7- Eat honey to strengthen immunity

8- Drink hot drinks permanently

Flu symptoms:

1- Heat

2- Coughing

3- Sore throat

4- Tremor

5- Runny nose

6- Head ache

7- General fatigue

8- Physical mother

I wish everyone contributes to spreading it … generosity so that everyone benefits and protects himself and others from this pandemic.

We ask God for safety.