Jallikattu facts

#Jallikattu facts: its scientific :
1. Translation from Tamil – “Bull Hugging”, not killing or hurting.
2. No Bulls are killed.
3. Bulls are not hurt or attacked like in movies.
4. Some wrong practices have been corrected now. Whole thing happens under the watch of animal rights activists.
5. Reason for this practice is a way to sustain the Bulls to reproduce Indian breed of Cows.
6. This ban was a propaganda to make Indian varieties extinct and replace with European breed.
7. Indian cows produce A2 milk which is good. European varieties produce A1 type which causes diabetes, heart problems, allergy etc.
8. Australia, Brazil and numerous other countries safely secure the Indian varieties of cows.
9. But Indian propagandists want to destroy Indian breed. Hence the ban voices.

These bulls are the Indian breeds used for reproduction ONLY. Jallikattu is the only time they are used and are of any use to the owners. If this is banned, the owners will end up selling the Bulls thereby making the remaining few varieties of Indian cows extinct to be replaced by the Western breeds without humps.
Our ancestors were not morons. Most of the practices have been followed for some reason, economical or social. Indian cow milk is of A2 variety which doesn’t cause diabetes and allergy like the European ones. Hence the propaganda to eliminate all the Indian breeds. This Jallikattu ban was one of them.
When humans play Wrestling, boxing, there is no pain, we can’t even compare the pain of boxing with Jallikattu, Here the real pain is for the Men who catches the bull in the race, Did you ever hear of a bull dying in any Jallikattu? Forget death, atleast shed a drop of blood. As in bullfighting in Spain?
Some Farmer comments “I am a farmer and I can tell that every one of my kind spends more than what we earn for the food and care the cattle. No one cared about the farmer nor their cattle, when we dwell in famine and starving. The one who did not do anything for the welfare of us, are now speaking about the pain suffered by animals during Jallikattu. Open your mind and first learn about what our tradition is. And this is not a pound related to the Spanish bull fight. You guys never hear the death screams of the beef you eat in KFC’s and Mc Donalds high five restaurants. What are they? Aren’t they a living creatures? Why don’t you raise a voice against it? I guess your mouth is full of the meat varieties. So continue your chewing and please leave our tradition to live”

Jallikattu, main rules are:
1. You should not grab the horns of the bull
2. You should not grab the tail of the bull
3. You should not try to lock the legs of the bull. The only part they can hold on now is the hump. By holding the humps one person has to cope up for a short distance. The bulls are not killed or tortured.

You cannot point to incidences where the Bull has been injured/killed. But there are many people who get injured or sometimes killed by Jallikattu Bulls.The reason behind this ban was , somehow remove the Indian breed bulls to go extinct,destroy local culture(which rural people take pride) and thus introduce the foreign equivalents.