A not-so-explored wonder of the World which will surely enchant readers!

A not-so-explored wonder of the World which will surely enchant readers!

The underground library of India

Do you know that Rajasthan has a huge library underground ?

This huge underground library in India is situated at a 16-feet deep level under the ground. It is considered to be one of Asia’s biggest libraries. It is located in a small village, Bhadariya at Jaisalmer, Rajasthan.

This library was founded by Sant Harivansh Singh Nirmal, the owner and head of a trust named Jagdamba Seva Committee. It was made from the funds for a temple of a goddess. Knowledge is said to be the biggest goddess. So, the funds for building a temple were put to their best use by building the temple of knowledge, i.e., a library.

This library is containing a huge stock of over 9 lakh books, kept in a highly neat manner. Around 6-7 lakh rupees is spent every year on the maintenance of this library.

The holding capacity of the library is around 40000 people. Rajasthan is a place having hot temperature level, but the temperature of this library is cool and comforting. Moreover, this library provides the readers a completely tranquil environment. The walls of this library are very light-shaded and beautiful. The interior of this library is very beautifully designed.

The aisles and corridors of the library are quite clean and tidy and so well lit that you feel as if you’re in a paradise with glass shelves around you containing tonnes of knowledge.

The collection of books of this library is brilliant. This library contains a lot of books related to mythology, astronomy, astrology, and history. It is also having a huge collection of epics and scriptures. Moreover, it also contains a wide variety of dictionaries and different Atlases. This library is most famous for its books in Hindi and Sanskrit.

Temple at the top

The temple of deity Bhadariya Mata stands on top of the library above the ground. The temple as well as the library is taken care of by the devotees who live there.