9 Foods for Strong, Beautiful Hair.

Hair loss relates to chronic stress, poor nutrients, poor hygiene,
hormonal imbalances and much more. Hair fall due to nutritional
deficiencies can be cured by rectifying the diet with these strong
foods. Let’s what makes these foods worthy of adding in to your
staple diet.

1. Whole wheat-The new craze on whole grain is spreading. The
health benefits of using whole grains are endless. Whole wheat is
an excellent source of nutrients like fibre, manganese, magnesium,
iron and silica. Iron helps in oxygen supply by enhancing
haemoglobin production. With enough blood supply to the scalp hair
loss would be minimized. Silica is one of the essentials in
retaining your youth, bone health, skin and nail health and is also
a great gift to dull lifeless hair.

2. Oranges-Eat your oranges and keep the peels. Oranges with their
vitamin c would enhance collagen production of the skin and stop
hair fall caused by Vitamin C deficiency. Vitamin C will also
ensure iron absorption.

3. Almonds-Your hair and skin would benefit greatly by eating a
fist full of almonds a day. They are high in Vitamin E, iron and
proteins. If your statin drugs causes hair fall then almonds are
your ideal choice.

4. Oats-Oatmeal is also a good source of iron if your hair fall is
due to iron deficiency anaemia. It is also a good source of fibre,
potassium, magnesium and phosphorus.

5. Chickpeas-Chickpea flour when applied on skin is a great natural
cleanser and complexion enhancer. It is rich in zinc and vitamin
B6, two necessary nutrients for thick luxurious hair. Eat a bowl of
chickpea for optimum health, or just sprout them well!

6. Soya-Iron and Vitamin E with ample protein can be found in Soya.
Vitamin E would enhance skin (scalp) and hair health.

7. Cow’s milk-Milk is a good source of iodine and a quick answer to
hair loss.

8. Fish-Hair can’t remain healthy without Essential Fatty Acids.
Fish oil supplements are a great source of EFAs, Vitamin A, protein
and Vitamin B6.