How to turn her on

Did you know that the area of the hypothalamus responsible for sexual pursuit is 2.5 times larger in your head than it is in hers? If you didn’t, then pay attention fellers. Men and women treat sex very differently, so to become a sex god superstar follow these tips and you’ll be able to turn your girl on every time:


Don’t worry, telling you to yo-yo is not a lame attempt at being gangster; we’re talking about incorporating the stop-start technique into your act. Women do not like it when you blatantly want to have sex. To turn her on, you need to begin to make her horny, and then completely stop. To start, rub her back gently, brushing your hands over her body. Then go into the next room. After a few minutes, find her again and kiss her slowly and firmly. Run you hands through her hair. Then stop. Go and make a drink or flip through a magazine. Next, start to kiss her neck. Stop after a few seconds and do something else. Repeat this act four or five times and she will not be able to resist your charm.


To be crowned king of the bed you have to think outside of the box. Although stress may not seem like a direct link to turning your girl on, it actually plays a huge part in your love life. Brain scans show that women achieve orgasm more easily if their stress levels are low. If your girl is feeling a little harassed, ask her how her day has been and if there is anything that is worrying her. Run a hot shower, rub her feet or tell her that you will handle all of the chores tonight. Knowing that she can talk to you and having a little time off will bring those stress levels right down and boost that all important sex drive; win win.  Scented oils in a hot bath or scented candles are also highly effective at subtly calming and relaxing.

Brush up

Taking a look at some of the latest sex toys can be quite an intimidating experience. They’ve got spikes, pikes, twists and turns. They throb, pulse, flip and hit. We have news though; sex toys do not have to intimidate. You can use some items you already own to turn your girl on. A brush, silk scarf or feathers are all excellent stimulants. Simply take one of these items and run it gently over your girl’s body, starting from the top and working your way down. Start very slowly and skim her body. Pay special attention to the tips of her nipples, but avoid any of her more private areas. As she becomes more aroused, you can use more speed and work in some firm kisses or playful bites.

Enlarge your member

Sex adviser Dr Pam Spurr writes that “99% of women are happy with what you’ve got to offer.” Generally women do not care whether your trouser-pal is big, small, medium, rounded, wonky or bumpy. But if you care it will affect your confidence, and confidence is key to a girl’s big O button. If you want to make yourself look bigger there are a few simple tricks you can use. Firstly, trim your pubic hair. Cutting back your bush will expose your penis and make it more defined. Another way to make your penis look bigger is to lose a little weight. If the flesh around your pubic bone is padded with too much fat it will make your penis look smaller and make it more difficult to penetrate your lady deeply.

Flip her over

We’re not suggesting that you take her from behind guys, but by flipping her over you can reach her neck with ease. A woman’s neck is an unexpected yet highly sensitive area that is normally overlooked during foreplay. Begin by stroking her neck, from hair line down to its base. Then start to kiss it, just little pecks to begin with. At first, don’t tell her that this is in any way sexual. If she gets turned on by the attention you’ll soon hear her breathing quicken and her body tighten. This is your cue to step up the act by whispering complimentary or dirty things into your girl’s ears; whichever you think will turn her on more.  The key to this move is to not give away the fact that you want her; this will turn her on even more and by the end she’ll be coming on to you.

Get scrubbing

Researchers from the University of California have found that men who tidy, clean, cook and generally help out around the house get 50 per cent more sex than those men who do nothing to help. If you want more action it’s time to don the apron and get scrubbing. Wait until your lady is out of the house, and then begin doing a few chores that you have not been asked to do. You could also surprise her by buying in food and cooking her favourite meal. The trick to remember with this method is that it is a long-term endeavour. Your girl may not jump straight into bed with you once you have done a few jobs around the house, but after helping out over a longer period of time you may see some amazing results.

Get creative

If you’ve been with your girl for quite some time, or if you are having a bit of sex act rut, try to shake things up. There are literally hundreds of different ways to turn on your girl (and you), so start to have fun with foreplay. You could buy a raunchy novel and read it together. You could have a messy food fight, or jump into the shower with your girl. One of the most creative turn on tricks is to cover each other in oil and wrestle. The slipping, sliding and grinding is both intimate and exhilarating. If these ideas don’t get you excited, why not try having sex somewhere new? If you don’t want to get caught going alfresco, explore the different rooms in your house. The key here is to experiment and enjoy.