Have you ever realized why before marriage the boy says to the girl’s father “I am here to ask you for your daughter’s hand..” ??
We girls start walking holding on to our father’s little finger because our hands are too tiny. We grow watching him and eventually conclude that he is our super hero. A father who has a girl child understands what it means to protect her from all bad.
One fine day the girl grows big enough to fall in love with a guy whom she knew for few weeks/months/years and decides to marry him.
Against all odds does the father accepts to hand over his precious jewel to the new man in his daughters life. He believes truly that the man will be much more capable than him and will let his daughter hold the same little finger again but the hand will now he her husband’s.
The day comes and the daughter leaves her father’s house to begin a new life with the man she decided to grow old with. She laid her bet on him that he is the man next to her father.
She now looks forward to fulfilling the endless dreams she had while she was young, spending time, love, romance, equality, respect, honor and togetherness forever.
But then reality hits her hard to know that not all men would honor their wives like the way she was told, not all men respect woman the way she knew, not all men stand up to keep their woman above everyone and everything except for god not all men do this to honor and make their woman feel secure.
Then the woman realizes that you can’t let some one walk over you, you can’t kill your dreams always you can’t cheat the soul in you.
The only thing to believe is “life will have its way for you young woman” be not afraid when your concious sparkles in clear water.
Get up and keep walking truth will always find its way.