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I a Kannadiga like many reading this would have friends from all diversities.
We all have many non Kannada friends who embrace our language and culture. We also have non Kannada friends who make a sincere efforts to learn our language. But it’s a futile effort to find a friend who Insults our language, People and culture.
But but how can there be a good movie without a bad man(In Picture). Let me take the privilege to introduce this Bad Man who was my co passenger in BMTC Bus # 500 CA.
He was just a co-passenger until he weaved this scene in front of me. The Characters here are The Bad Man, The Conductor, The Spectators and The Hero (Myself).
The bus was relatively empty and the Bad Man was sitting on a seat meant for conductor and I was seated close to him. The conductor as usual was busy issuing the tickets and now the scene unfolds. Conductor knows only Kannada and Manageable English and Bad Man knows Hindi and so called English.
Note : We as Humans can understand without knowing language perfectly and that’s how this discussion was captured.
• Conductor in Kannada: Sir, Please excuse me this seat is meant for conductor and you can be seated elsewhere.
• Bad Man in Hindi: No, I am comfortable here and do not want to move.
• Conductor in Kannada: Sir, But this meant for conductors and I need this place so please excuse.
• Bad Man in Hindi: (with lot of aggression) You Kannada Idiots are uneducated. You do not know anything apart from Kannada. You must learn Hindi and talk to me in Hindi.
• Conductor : Observes Silence
• Other Passengers: As ever and Ever deaf for such comments.
• Then comes the Hero that’s me. To me it was an Insult, it was like a slipper slap. What did I do to get such a remark? Is learning English or Hindi decides my Education. Was I at a place where Kannada is not the language of land? Though he did not tell me directly but he did insult my origin, my root and my self-respect.
I had no patience to listen to his shit and started to give him enough verbal blows until I reached my destination and he cocked his mouth.
My Point here is:
• Did we force him to learn Kannada? Did we treat him as a foreigner? Did we exploit his weakness?
• Did the conductor ask him something unreasonable?
• We make them comfortable talking their language to the possible extent, this is a service we offer and cannot be commanded.
• Why the fellow passengers were mute. Forget Kannada, Hindi or English language issue here. At least on a Humanitarian ground, why none came to Conductors rescue when someone questioned his Education for merely asking to vacate the seat meant for conductor. Do we keep mum when someone’s calls your father or mother or brother an uneducated brute for not knowing English and Hindi?
• We make so much of noise when India loses a match against Pakistan, when someone mocks at your favorite politician but go mute when someone slippers your language.
• Why don’t we stand up for right? Right for Right in your own land. If I and my language is not respected in my land where else should I look for it?
• My message is Kannadigare or the any locals in their locality stand for your Instinct. It is never a crime to Stand for what your land believes in your own land.
• Finally we love all. We want everyone to make Life. We are the best hosts but Respect Local Flavor, Respect Local Language, and Respect Local Culture. If you can’t at least do not disrespect and the STFU.
Said all this, I know few intellectuals, peace crusaders may still call me a Fundamentalist, Chauvinist, Racist. But I know I am standing for right. If Love to Mother has no limits then why set a limit for the same Mother Tongue.
I am a HERO, I stood for Right. I retaliated when someone insulted my fellow mate. I retaliated when someone insulted my Language community.
Be a Hero, don’t be a Spectator of Bad Men’s act
– Chethan Bond