Malaysia is predominantly a Muslim Country and yet it is very heartening to note that the Govt allowed to build a such a Beautiful Hindu Temple.

This is Malaysia’s (and World’s) first glass temple which is called as Arulmigu Sri Raja Kaliamman Temple. This is loacted in, Jalan Tebrau, Johor Baru. This Temple is going to be the Top Tourist attraction in Malaysia.

Following is the description of this Glass Temple:

1) 95 per cent of the temple’s walls, domes, pillars and ceiling have been constructed with over a million pieces of colourful glass imported from Belgium, Japan and Thailand.

2)The total cost of the temple is roughly three million ringgits (approximately $1 Million US Dollars).

3) All glass pieces of glass pieces were carefully crafted by 9 Myanmar workers, symbols such as Swastika, Namam and Sri Chakra were crafted from the glass pieces in seven colours.

4) Sultan of Johor awarded the land for constructing this Temple in 1922, and it was renovated in 1996.

5) The funds to construct this Temple was raised through public donations and community programmes.

6) This Temple is completely air-conditioned and can accomodate about 1500 devotess.

7) This Glass temple is scheduled to be opened officially on October 25th, 2009.

(Reference : Above information is taken from ANI News Service and I received these photos through an e-mail forward and I do not know the source. If someone identifies the source then I will be glad to mention the source in this blog and give him full credit.)

This is my desire to post this Blog with below pictures so that Indians all over the world will be proud to see that such a beautiful Temple is being built outside India.


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