Hello Everyone there!

Hello Everyone there!
Hope you are staying safe and healthy these days..
So for how long can India remain safe from corona virus ?

Corona virus has so far affected India’s manufacturing and exports sectors.
Notably medicines,electronic,chemicals,food items and many all above a threat to mankind.

We should take the 10 steps back for now and then a step forward !!

To come with a solution each and everyone of us can put our efforts to help people and save each other.

As per the outbreak of this serious disease.we have formed a community with people who are ready to put their hand in hand to break the chain and help the public in a way of creating a mobile application.

This app will be completely behaving as a helping hand.
• It will be giving updates about the all the current covid19 outbreaks. To avoid the panic situations.
• People inside the houses are safe..Now what about people outside?. What if anybody is stuck ..we can help them !
• Emergency needs for medicines ..foods can be provided with.
•Police department is struggling to keep this under control.To help them we can find and avoid people forming crowds at different locations and track those are in the roads. Monitoring them .

We are waiting for the best result to happen. Those who are reading this really feels like doing something for the public as a Engineer then think and take this chance..
I request for more volunteer’s who can join our community and make our team more strong and help us with this.

Thank you for your patience reading this message.