How to Deal with Sex Problems in Marriage


There are quite a number of aspects that can influence a marriage relationship. Apart from love, understanding, trust and honesty in marriage, one has to accept the truth that sex and intimacy has the power to positively or negatively affect the bond. However, there are quite some couple who are great in bed and able to satisfy themselves and their mate. On the other hand, there are a handful that might have sexual problems in marriage and just don’t know how to deal with them. The latter is a phase that every couple might go through.

This guide will tell you how to resolve the issues of sex without affecting the marriage or letting it fade. Check it out:

Look for the Cause:

The first things first! There can be a lot of causes or reasons that is leading to the sexual problems or lack of intimacy in a married couple. Before you go ahead and learn how to deal with it, it is important to gauze the real issue and the cause perfectly. This will help you move in the right direction. Lack of communication, low levels of confidence and lack of romance in a relationship are some of the basic issues that usually arise. There can be other serious problems as well. Try to find out! This will make you win half the war.

Take Professional Counselling:

One of the ways in which you can understand the problems of sexual issues and even solve it with sheer dedication is to take couple’s therapy from a professional counsellor. They usually show you sides that you never knew even existed and try to help you sort out the problems. This is one of the effective ways to deal with sex problems in marriage.

Boost your Confidence:

Since low level of confidence is one issue that usually crops up, it is best to start with yourself. Try and boost your confidence and feel good about yourself. A sense of identity is one of the best things to do. If you know who you are and about your perfections, it will definitely add positive vibes to the relation and make sex sizzle again.

Believe in “Sex is great” Mantra:

Many problems start when the fairer sex feels that sex is boring and dirty. In fact, after a certain while many of the women start feeling that sex is gross. This is also true in the case of men. If both starts feeling that sex is only a waste of time, the problem starts cropping up in marriage. Try and see the positive side of sex. The passion, the intimacy, the love it brings to the relationship is incomparable. Along with some good private moments, sex also helps in relieving stress and giving you a good sleep. This will help you in effective dealing with the crisis.


Bring Back the Attraction:

Loss of attraction to your mate is like the last stone to the grave in a relationship. Resentment and criticism of the partner is what brings this up. Try and look into the positive aspects of your love and bring back the lost attraction. Even if they don’t look as beautiful as they were in the past, there is something deeper that caught your eyes. Find it again and you will definitely have the spark back in the relation.

Build the Communication:

Talk to your partner. This is one of the best and the most effective things that can be done not only when there are sexual problems but any crisis in marriage. Talking out a heart to heart conversation with your mate will help you in getting solutions to the problems on a mutual stand. This can also include sexual desires that you have and you want them to gratify. Coming on common grounds is a perfect idea where sex is concerned.