“How Was Your Day Without A Woman?”

“How Was Your Day Without A Woman?”
Worldwide, today; We celebrated our day. But the first thing that comes in my mind is, did we celebrate Womanhood or did we celebrate our existence of Being a Women!
I found this image. It exactly answers the question “Who is a Woman?”
But most of us forget the important fact, end of the day She is a Person, just another Human Being who also has feelings and emotions.
We talk so much about the issues that a woman faces, a girl child faces, the young lady faces; but what are we doing about it. Are we really giving her the Freedom to Live Her Life, PEACEFULLY!!!
Just like the image says “She Deserves Nothing Less From You”, does she really get what she deserves.
I won’t say a 100% yes nor a 100% no. just like it’s truly said, there are 2 sides of the same coin.
I have been lucky enough and have been truly blessed because I got what I deserve. But yes, at the same time there are many who don’t get what they truly deserve.
We talk about equality. But sadly, many of us don’t practice it.
I am quite sure, after reading this line; many of you would say “at least, I don’t ill-treat women”. But trust me; you do.
May be You do not realise it, but you do.
I believe for most of us, Our Silence is our Loudest Cry which nobody tries to hear. Our eyes speak the loudest, yet no one hears.
Our tears and sadness are hidden behind our happiness; because we surely do know for the fact that We Are Very Strong Emotionally.
Margaret Thatcher, the Former British Prime Minsiter says “If you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done, ask a women” – I agree to her. We All know we have the power and the energy to get anything & everything done”.
Men enjoy making fun of woman (here I mean in a good way, trust me we also do blunders for we are not perfect); for the way we are, for our doings, for the things we say and the we say. Jokes are made about us. But you cant deny the fact, you would have really got bored without us.
Do think and imagine, also let me know – HOW WAS YOUR DAY WITHOUT WOMEN!
We are those souls, who are willing to do anything and everything for our near and dear ones.
We only ask for love and respect and accept us the way we are.
Do you think we ask for more?
Being woman is ‘Precious’ .