Carona virus

Every 29.5 Years ,when Sanigraham(Saturn) came into Utharashada Nakshatram(Aphelion) one type of virus will come from Sanigrahma(Saturn) to Earth.
The Carona virus travelled on 25/12/2019 from Sanigraham(saturn) and reached earth on 10/01/2020 and This virus has high intensity between the placess fall under 25° latitude to 35° latitude and has minor impact on other places across Globe.
According to the scientific astrology this virus has impact till 25/05/2020 and later it will slowly decreases and vanishes before 20/07/2020.
The Indian land is the highest secure place to avoid from this virus due to the presence of Navapashanam sivalangams across India.
The people with Stars of Mula, Purvashada, Utharashada, Mrughasira, Arudhra and Punarvasu should be carefull from this virus.
–Astro D.N.RAO