Nowdays in School Childrens are raped at Bangalore!!

childSchool  girl raped at Bangalore!!
1. She was not wearing shorts, jeans, skirts.
2. She was not having cellphone
3. She was not showing off her cleavage
4. She was not hanging out with friends late night
5. She was not under influence of alcohol or any other drug.
6. She was not flirting.

Now I just want to know is she eligible for getting raped that’s not my views but as per few think tanks n intellectual political leader of this nation if a girl do any thing written in those points she is eligible for rape.

She use to go school that was her only mistake in this case…….is that new point which should be added in eligibility criteria for getting raped.

Waiting waiting waiting for some mind blowing responses from so called think tanks or political leaders.!!