First Love starts Feeling

1Love is when
He starts getting serious abt his life,
n she stops thinking abt her nd starts
thinking abt him.
He starts saving money 2 spend
nly 4 her,
n she nvr allows him to spend more on
He stops smokin, drinking jst 4 her,
n she starts alarming abt him
nt 2 hv thm..
He starts teling her evry little thing,
n she starts to listen everything..
He stops sleepng jst 2 c her sleep,
n she start sleepng jst 2 let him luk at her…
He starts taking her as if she is his wife,
n she starts learning 2 cook food only for
him 2 prove it true..
He starts geting close 2 her,
n she never stops him 4m dis..
He stops luking
at othr grls,
n she starts
geting serious abt her own luks..
He cries when something happens to her,
n she start giving a smile nd showing him
nothing happened to her…!