A plush green coat
a red painted pout
pole-dancing on the go
a leg wrapped high!
a pin-up vivid
from the nature’s mag,
striking a sultry pose
against the bars,
throatily I croon
the parrot’s song!

my world turns round,
spins day in and out
on the ring hanging down
in the middle of my cage.
here my heaven blossoms
my hell freezes here
here my day breaks
my night dangles here
here my moon sails
my stars burst here
here my dreams pall
my horrors bloom here
here my desires well,
my wants stem here.
here my world begins
it ends too here.

in the barred felicity
I live with all facility
lacking nothing else
but my soaring wings…!
the cage, my bed-sitter
my dining, my toilette
the cage, my boudoir
my parlour, my chamber.

the chillies I peck on
are as red as my beak,
the water I drink is
as tasty and sweet.
the songs I croon bring
admirers trooping in…
my prattle and antics
have fans thronging in…

the world outside lurks
too dangerous and bold
I don’t need a card
to divine what it holds!
cats on the prowl
moles on the move
crows caw a riot
scouring for a fight!
eagles hover furtively
eyeing me keen!
all told, the outdoors
seem pretty nasty.

my wings are all dead
cooped up in the cage
battered to bits as I
beat in dreadful rage
if you let me out there
I will perish, for sure
the dangers are varied,
finely packaged allure…

flying is a pipe dream
blooming in the sky
bolting a green streak
through the blue, high.
sweeping on the wing span
mounting to the sun
to share Icarus’ dream
seems rather grim
the cage is the haven
my crib, my crypt
safety, a watchword
that I deem meet.