Growing up I have learnt many things. We always carry a false sense of time. We always presumed there is enough time – time for us to read, to watch movies, to hang out with friends, to sleep all day long, to do umpteen number of things. We always think that it’s okay to postpone telling someone something important, because we think that we have a lot of time. Somewhere along the path from life to death, we seem to forget that we are not promised tomorrow, and that we can lose whatever we have abruptly, at any moment.

Growing up I have taken many things for granted. There are many things in my life that I would have rather done differently, and almost everything involves people, involves relationships. I have let my desperation camouflage again and again. I have held grudges against the people I loved too often, and I have let my ego win a little more frequently than I’d like.

Growing up I have regretted many things. Cherish the time you’ve got on this earth, with your loved ones, with your family, with your friends. Next time when you hug them, hug them for a little longer, and kiss them for a little longer. Hold their hands for a little longer and tell them that you love them. Be blunt, be desperate and be vulnerable with your feelings – always. Loved ones can be sometimes annoying and many a times irritating, but they pester you only because they care. “Drive slowly”, “Be careful”, “Come back home in time” are just their ways of telling you that they care for you. Treasure the time you have with your loved ones, because you don’t know if you’d meet them again in the next life.

Growing up I have lost many things. I agree that “Sleep well”, “Take care”, “Be safe” are other ways of saying “I love you”, but don’t leave it to interpretation. Be blunt and be honest and be straightforward. You love someone, tell them. You hate that irritating habit of your spouse, tell them. Make sure they know exactly how you feel – always. Don’t assume that you will have time to explain it to them later. They might be struck by a bus, or they may fall off a cliff, or you might fall off a cliff. Always say what you mean.

Growing up I have lived many things. I have lived happiness, and I have lived sadness. I have lived love and I have lived anguish. I have won and I have lost. I have realized that it’s important to be. So be authentic, be desperate, be available, be kind, be straightforward. Just be yourself, and play the part you are supposed to play – who wants to be a fake anyway.

To love, and to life..!!