Important news for Pensioners

Very important News for PENSIONERS!

💁‍♂️ Pensioners are not required to provide proof of survival in future because the Central Government has come up with a different plan.

If pensioners did not provide proof of survival every year, their pension was terminated. But now pensioners will be relieved of this hassle.

The Central Government will soon introduce high-tech technology called Face Recognition System for pensioners.

According to the new technology, the face of the pensioner will be proof that he is alive.

The new technology was unveiled by Minister of State Jitendra Singh.

What is Face Recognition Technology?
According to this, the bank is not required to provide proof of survival in writing. Bank officials will verify the faces of pensioners through a mobile app.

As soon as scanning of the face is completed, the concerned pensioner will be registered in the application. This will be digital proof of his being alive.

Many pensioners are unable to go to the bank due to old age. As such, this new technology will definitely be useful for pensioners.

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