Earth’s Population in Perspective …..* 

Earth’s Population in Perspective …..* 

The *population of Earth* is around *7.8 billion.*For most people, it is a large figure, that is all. However, if you *condensed 7.8 billion* in the world *into 100 persons* and then into various percentage statistics, the resulting analysis is relatively much easier to comprehend.
*Out of 100:* 11 are in Europe 5 are in North America 9 are in South America 15 are in Africa *60 are in Asia* 49 live in the countryside51 live in cities12 speak Chinese 5 speak Spanish *5 speak English* 3 speak Arabic *3 speak Hindi* *3 speak Bengali* 3 speak Portuguese 2 speak Russian 2 speak Japanese*62* speak their *own languages*
77 have their own houses, *23 have no place to live.* 
21 are over-nourished, 63 can eat full *15 are under-nourished* 1 ate the last meal, but did not make it to the next meal.The *daily cost of living for 48* is *less than 2 US$* 87 have *clean drinking water* 13 either lack clean drinking water or have access to a water source that is polluted. 75 have mobile phones, 25 do not. 30 have internet access, 70 do not have conditions to go online
*7* received *university education*, 93 did not attend college. 83 *can read* 17 are illiterate. 
*33 are Christians* *22 are Muslims* *14 are Hindus* *7 are Buddhists* _12 are other religions_ *12 have no religious* beliefs. 
26 live less than 14 years *66 died between 15 – 64 years of age* 8 are over 65 years old. 
If you have your *own home, eat full meals & drink clean water, Have a mobile phone, can surf the internet, and have gone to college,* you are in the miniscule *privileged* lot (in the *less than 7% category*) 
Amongst 100 persons in the world, only *8 can live or exceed the age of 65.* If you are *over 65 years old, be content & grateful. Cherish life, grasp the moment.* 
You did not leave this world before the age of 64 years like the 92 persons who have gone before you. You are already the blessed amongst mankind. *Take good care* of your own *health.* *Cherish every remaining moment.*ReplyForward