All retiree members
please initiate
a movement –
every retired person
after rendering
30 to 36 years of service
to the Govt or the Deptt
where he worked
and for all his services the
Deptt pay him salary
which is ofcourse
treated as income
and is
liable for income tax.
✔ after retirement
he is paid
pension as
a supperanuation fund
for his livelihood
on account of serving
for so many years.

Here a question arise as
to whether
✔ why Income Tax
is levied on pension.

✔This is not an
income for any
services or work.

✔This is only
a defered wage
by the Deptt
to the employee who
have served the Deptt
for so many years.

Then why Income tax ❓

🎤Raise your voice
and let it reach the
Govt to discontinue
levy of Income tax
on pension.

MPs & MLAs pension
is not taxable
why our pension is Taxed❓
Pass on this message
to 20 of your friends
with request to further passon .
Let the
Pensioners community
& Civil society
know the facts.
R.S Varma IAS Rtd.
President Govt.Pensioners
Welfare Association.Alld.

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