Dear all,
Kindly, note when you send a message by what’s app, you see some tick marks. They, mean as follows.,

One ✔ mark means , message is sent

Two ✔✔ indicate… message has reached

Two blue ✔✔ ticks indicate.. the message has been read

Three ✔✔ ✔ . blue ticks marks indicate that., Govt has noticed that the message

✔✔ ✔ Two blue ticks and one red tick marks indicate that Govt can take action

✔✔ ✔ One blue tick and two red ticks marks indicate that Govt. initiated action upon you for that message.

✔✔ ✔ – Three red ticks marks indicate that Govt. already taken action severe action upon you & shortly court summon will be coming to you for that message.

So, be careful about forwarding any messages related to social activities, politics & anti- government. messages


Joke of the century

Joke of the century

What is the difference between ‘Wife’ and ‘Girlfriend?’

Great thought in Modified version.

Wife is like a TV and Girlfriend is like a MOBILE.

At home you watch TV,
but when you go out you take your MOBILE.

Sometimes you enjoy TV, but most of the time, you play with your MOBILE.

TV is (as good as) free for life, but for the MOBILE, if you don’t pay, the services will be terminated.

TV is big, bulky and most of the time old,
But the MOBILE is cute, slim, curvy, replaceable and portable.

Operational costs for TV is often acceptable
but for the MOBILE, it is often high and demanding.

TV has a remote
but MOBILE doesn’t.

Most importantly, MOBILE is a two-way communication (you talk and listen), but with the TV, you MUST only listen (whether you want to or not)!😝

Last but not least!
Yet TVs are superior because TVs don’t have viruses, but MOBILES often do😂

And mobiles can be easily hacked or stolen.

Take Care
Stick to TV only.
Issued in Public interest!