Types of Lips Shape

Types of Lips Shape

1. Full Types of Lips:
Full lips are admired the most; they are rich and pouty and have a great sex appeal to them. Celebrities, such as Angelina Jolie have this type of lip shape.

Fuller lips may not always be symmetrical, but when they are it just adds to their appeal. Simply put, this type is curvy and voluptuous. The best advice for people with this kind of lip shape is to keep them moisturized and use nude colors on them without lip liners.


  1. Round Types Of Lips Shapes:

Rachel Bilsons has them; this type look somewhat like a button. This lip shape is very charming and makes you look cute. For this kind of lip shape it is best to use a glossy lip balm. You can use a lip liner to give this type of lips a definite shape.

  1. Shapeless Lips:
    Shapeless lips have no shape or a defined outline; they require proper outlining with a lip pencil. By using a lip pencil you can draw the type of lip shape that you want. You can try out a few outlines before picking out the one that suits you the best. You can blend the lip liner’s outline with a lip color and have your dream lips.
  2. Thin Types Of Lips:

f you apply the right kind of make up on thin lips you can make them look great and sexy just the way Kate Husdon does. These lips require proper outlining with a lip pencil.

5. Wide Types Of Lips Shapes:

You must have seen Julia Roberts or Anne Hathaway, well look at their lips and you will know what wide lips exactly are. These are the lips, which are wide and stretched. To make these lips gorgeous draw an outline using a lip pencil just on the inner parts of your lips leaving the corners. For day functions use balm whereas for night time use a dark colored matt lipstick.

6. Uneven Lips:

All lips are not the same; some lips’ outlines might not be even. However there is no reason to worry you can get the best pout with your uneven lips, if you use the right technique. Just make sure you get a nice lip pencil and focus on the points where your lip outline loses its symmetry, your outline could be a bit thicker on these areas; the inside of this line can be blended with the lip color you will use to fill up your lips.