10 Things That We’d Like Telling Our Cricketers

10 Things That We’d Like Telling Our Cricketers
India is such a “Cricket-Premi” nation that it’s pretty much an established fact that cricket runs in our veins and is not just any game for us but an emotion . So , it’s pretty axiomatic that there’s so much that we’d like to tell our cricketers . So here’s a list of some things we’d like our beloved cricketers to know.

1. “The internet is rife with pictures that want to prove how debauched you guys are but don’t worry we don’t give a rat’s ass about it and we won’t interfere till you’re doing fine on the field.”
2. “ We say things like “Dhang se ball daal” , “Isko to khelna hi ni aata” but that doesn’t mean we don’t love you guys or wouldn’t smack you in the head if given a chance.
3. “ Yes, we try bribing the gods with desi –ghee ke laddoos and what not on the day you guys have a match with Pakistan”
4. “We are not obsessed with whom you’re dating , the media force-feeds us this voyeurism , but we’d really, really like to know is if KRK has a girlfriend.
5. “ Invent more unconventional maneuvers and give them cool-ass names, just like the ‘helicopter shot’ and the ‘doosra’ .
6. “ We know we turn to soulless irrational criticism when you do bad on field , but we aren’t the ones sweating in the ground under immense performance pressure of representing a great nation. Dil pe mat lena. ”
7. “This might not go down the throats of many but the extensive use of expletives on the field makes you more relatable or as they say “Feel hi aa jati hai . “
8. “ We know sometimes it must get really difficult , but as a cricketer you should keep the green room battles locked in there.”
9. “ We love it when we read about how the whole team is a brotherhood and how they play pranks on each other, minus the grudges. For us , you’re all family.
10. “Sachin we miss you a lot, we just keep hoping that we wake up tomorrow and you’re on the news saying “Aila , I’m back”.