General Awareness Questions

General Awareness Questions

  1. What is current CRR Rate – 4%
  2. How much % SLR cut down in monetary policy – 0.5%
  3. Minimum paid-up capital for payment banks – Rs 100 Crore
  4. Which organisation gives loan to landless farmer- NABARD
  5. Bricks bank head office will be located in which country- Shangai, China
  6. “Strictly Person” a book is written by- Daman Singh
  7. In India economic condition are measured after – 5 yrs
  8. Governor of U.P – Ram Naik
  9. Lab To Land is a initiative of which Ministry – Ministry of Rural Development
  10. Who is Tony Abott – Prime Minister of Australia
  11. Who is the minister of Ministry of Home Affairs – Rajnath Singh
  12. Who is Civil aviation Minister – Ashok Gajapati Raju
  13. Which state ban wearing dhoti in parliament- Tamil Nadu
  14. Which state has large number of tigers- Karnataka

Note: Tiger census: In the latest census, Karnataka has overtaken Madhya Pradesh, as the state with the most tigers.

  1. What is the age limit for voting right- 18 years
  2. ISIS is active in which state – Iraq
  3. Mars Orbiter Mission, informally called – Mangalyaan
  4. What is HAL Dhruv – It is a utility helicopter developed and manufactured by India’s Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd.
  5. Rainfall density is highest in which state- Cherrapunji, Meghalaya
  6. Who is the head of UNESCO – Irina Bokova
  7. Ban Ki -moon is the Secretary-General of – UN
  8. Which country is helping India for Ganga rejuvenation – Japan
  9. According to Union budget 2014-15, Agricultural university will open in which state – Andhra Pradesh & Rajasthan
  10. Gandhi Nagar is the capital of which state- Gujarat
  11. Nalanda university is located in which state –Bihrar
  12. Telangan’s state brand ambassador- Sania Mirza
  13. Human Development index 2014 topped by which country – Norway
  14. Capital of Maldives- Malé
  15. Bangkok is the capital of which country- Thailand
  16. Jitu Rai is associated with – Shooting
  17. What is the rank of India in CWG 2014 games medal tally– Fifth
  18. Parupalli Kashyap is related to with which game – Badminton
  19. K. Sanjita chanu belongs from which state – Manipur
  20. Tiger wood is related with which game- Golf
  21. Novok Djokovic is related to which game – Tennis
  22. Roger Feredar is related to which game – Tennis
  23. Which country tops medal tally in CWE 2014 games – England
  24. Which country finished 2nd rank in medal tally in CWE 2014 games -Australia
  25. Union Cabinet approved the Juvenile Justice Bill, 2014, age limit for juvenile to be carried in court for heinous crime is – The bill will treat minors above the age of 16 as adults, who are accused of heinous crimes like rape and murder.
  26. HUCK term related to which game- Ultimate Frisbee

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