“Who will get me a pair of studs
I want ones which are tiny stars
I am fed up with the ones I wear
I am pretty past the age of dangles
I need a total make over”, I said.

I waited for a “yeah I will, sis”
From my darling duo, in syncing chorus
But the terrible twosome
Grinned from cheek to cheek
Like the cat in Alice, twinning over,
And saucily replied in single voice
Which resounded, “O dear sis, I will – Not”!
Spoofing me a second, then leaving me dumb.

Flabbergasted I looked at their faces
Not a whit of remorse peeped from there
But the crinkly eyes and the beaming smiles
Belied the naughty fun ‘neath the sauce.

A pack of twin blades are my sisters
Razor sharp in wit and humour
They love pulling my beefy leg
And tie me up in pretty little knots,
And make fun of me wholesale.

I know that today or tomorrow
I will get my studs and may be more
But their saucy replies I cherish more
I love their tongue-in-cheek wit so.

These are the ones that keep me warm
When I sit in lonely and pensive times,
They bring a smile to my wan face
And make me in silly giggles shake
And fill my bleak life with fun-filled rays!


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