Just For Fun

Just For Fun
aadhyam ningal janicha monthte nere ulla word um pinne ningal janicha date nte nere ulla name um cherth ezhudhu.. !!
Month »»
January : I need
February: I killed
March: I love
April: I raped
May: I Slapped
June: I Hugged
July: I played with
August: I jumped on
September: I kissed
October: I spit on
November: I slept with
December: I Drunk with
Date »»
01: Batman
02: Frog
03: Monkey
04: Sunny Leone
05: Elephant
06: Shah Rukh Khan
07: your Boyfriend
08: your best friend
09: your girlfriend
10: Joker
11: Shaktimaan
12: Bin Laden
13: Superman
14: Macho man
15: a Gorilla
16: Spiderman
17: a Donkey
18: Veerappan
19: a Pepsi can
20: A fisherman
21: My Crush
22: An old man
23: an old lady
24: Dinosaur
25: Katrina kaif
26: Crocodile
27: Pikachu
28: My Best Friend
29: Hippopotamus
30: Doremon
31: Hulk
just for time pass.. dnt 4gt 2 commnt


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