Engineers Rock!!!

Engineers Rock!!!

An Engineer was not getting a job even after two years after his pass-out so he decided to open a clinic wrote
outside the clinic:
Any treatment in Rs.300/- if we cant treat, we will pay you back Rs.1000/-.

A CLEVER Doctor thought he will make the engineer fool and comes to do fraud thinking to get Rs.1000.

He says to the Engineer:
I cant feel any taste on my tongue…

Engineer asks the Nurse to put few
drops of medicine from box no 22.
After that the MAN shouts: “What d _____ …its URINE!!
The doctor says congratulations your sense of taste is back now.

The CLEVER Doctor was angry as he lost Rs.300.

After 2 weeks the same doctor comes back again this time he thinks to get back his previous 300 too.
CLEVER Doctor : I’ve lost my memory.
Engineer: Nurse! pls put some drops of medicine from Box no 22 on his tongue.
C. DOCTOR : Wait Engineer but that medicine is for sense of taste.
Engineer: Congratulations your memory is back.

Moral: Don’t try to be over-smart with Engineers…


Why am I so lost

The mornings are dull and the evenings lull,

In my thoughts moments freeze and faces desiccate,and suddenly I have questions haunting me about my fate.

Why am I so lost and why do I have to doubt myself?

This question goes unanswered in the wake of midnight, I am a lost child knowing not what is wrong or right.

The buried past has come alive,

Do I still have the power to fight the tide?

I am becoming feeble, failing to see anybody by my side.

The diary notes flutter and make me recall,

Fate says, life is never what you dreamt innocent child of mine,

O friend please come and save the pal of thine.

All worldly relations seems to morph into dealings, People around you are carrying fake feelings, But you never learnt the art of sealing.

Let the time tick waiting for the best pick,

Feel the cool breeze and gaze the soothing moon, Hoping that the nick will heal very soon . . .