Dedicated to A Mother:

Dedicated to A Mother:

1. Your mother carried you for 9 months bearing pain upon pain.

2. During this time, she could not eat because of you !
She could not sleep because of you !

3. When you were a baby, she spent every minute of her life looking after you !

4. She only slept when you slept !
She only ate after you had eaten !

5. She was patient and loved you even when you cried all night and when you cried all day !

6. She taught you how to walk,
how to speak, how to eat, she taught you how to live !

7. When you fall ill, she looks after you !

8. She always cooks and prepared food for you !

9. She buys you whatever you ask for !

10. She loves you unconditionally !

“Be Grateful to Your Mother”


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